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Decorative Viga Tails—Installation and Repair

Decorative Viga Tails—Installation and Repair

Viga tails are a unique and appealing decorative accent used on many styles of homes. From Southwestern Adobe to Mediterranean villas, viga tails add character to any exterior.  Homeowners and designers even use them inside. For example, as a dramatic effect in a hallway, they could give the illusion that the vigas are part of second floor supports.

Faux vigas are molded from real wood and that gives the realistic textures and grain patterns in high density polyurethane viga tails give a rough, weathered look that’s barely distinguishable from real wood. For exterior applications, the accent is positioned on the surface, yet appears much longer, as if it goes through the wall to support the roof.

Small in size, they’re simple and versatile for use in multiple applications and designs, with many sizes and textures available. AZ Faux Beams carries custom viga tails. Whether you want to add subtle detail or more prominent features to your home, viga tails are a classic finishing touch.

Preferred over the real thing

Here are some of the reasons faux viga tails are a better choice over real wood…

  • Don’t attract termites, carpenter ants and other pests
  • UV resistant to bright sunlight
  • Temperature resistant in conditions like snow, rain, wind or extreme heat
  • Authentic look without the risk of warping, rotting or decaying
  • Easier to install and less expensive

Faux products make the best replacement

Many homes with existing wood viga tails eventually need to be replaced or repaired.  Going with a faux wood version is a much smarter choice for a long term solution. Luckily, repairing and replacing damaged wood vigas isn’t a very complex process. Oftentimes, it’s as easy as removing the damaged viga and fitting the faux viga right over top of a composite material (i.e. Trex deck boards) mounting block.

With exposure to outdoor elements, every real wood viga tail eventually requires a repair or replacement. Instead of trying to fix what’s beyond repair, consider installing a faux alternative.   AZ Faux Beams has a large selection of custom faux wood Vigas perfect for new installation or repairs. 

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