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Versatility Of Rustic Beams In Residential Applications

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Versatility Of Rustic Beams In Residential Applications

What comes to mind when you think of rustic wood beams?  You probably envision idyllic log cabins, country cottages or maybe Spanish-influenced abodes. Of course, the intricacies in texture and deepness of color make rustic beams a top choice for decorative accents in these types of properties, but that’s not all. Aged, rustic wood beams are actually one of the most sought-after faux wood products by homeowners across a wide range of home designs and decorative tastes.

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Rustic beams aren’t restricted to cabins and cottages though. While these products can certainly establish or enhance a rural touch in your home, they can also complement lighter, brighter rooms. Rustic beams blend well with a variety of different aesthetics and architectural styles like vintage, contemporary, Victorian, and Mediterranean, among many others.

AZ Faux Beams carries a large inventory of faux wood beams.  Our line of rustic beams is particularly popular because they’re more rich in texture and deep with knots than the average beam.  The choice is yours of a walnut finish, or primed/unfinished. Customizing unfinished beams gives you creative control to achieve the look you desire.  Love that aged, reclaimed wood feel of rustic beams, but like a bright clean finish? Paint your beams a trendy antique white.  Prefer a lighter, natural wood tone? Try dry-brushing techniques to achieve a weathered finish.

Design ideas for incorporating rustic beams in your home

Kitchens—Kitchens are often viewed as the heart of the home—for both everyday family time, as well as formal entertaining. Rustic beams can transform your kitchen in a way that’s tasteful, but isn’t overpowering.    

Living rooms—Dens and family rooms are probably the highest traffic area of your home.  Beamed ceiling designs provide the perfect finishing touch that truly draws you in, making it impossible not to cozy up and relax at the end of the day.  

Libraries, media rooms, billiard rooms—Rooms used for leisure and entertainment range from light and fun to dark and dramatic.  Customizing your beams before installation can really change the ambiance of the room, adding to the enjoyment of your favorite free-time activities.

Entryways, hallways—Dull foyers and empty hallways sometimes feel like they’re closing in on you.  Rustic beams will dramatize an entryway and lengthen a hallway, creating an inviting space that naturally flows to the other areas of your home.

Outdoor living spaces—Yes, our beams are suitable for your outdoor areas!  With weather and moisture-resistant properties, faux wood beams are the perfect touch for outdoor areas like porches, covered patios and more.

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Our line of rustic beams aren’t just attractive and affordable, they’re versatile for use in just about every room of your home and beyond.  Whether you want to lighten and brighten your kitchen, or dramatize your living room for the ultimate cozy retreat, rustic faux wood beams are a completely customizable solution.  Don’t forget to consider functional uses for your ceiling beams, too—the 3-sided version is great for hiding electrical wiring and small HVAC ducts.  The 4-sided option is best if you want a basic solid-looking beam.  

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