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4-Sided Beams

Standard faux beams placed flush against the ceiling are only 3-sided. The three visible sides form a U-shape, with the open end of the U pushed against the ceiling. This makes the 3-sided beams lighter and easier to install.

However, 3-sided beams are not always an appropriate product for all faux beam installations. In cases where all four sides are visible, 4-sided beams are necessary.

If your project requires 4-sided beams, AZ offers a number of options to help.

  • Hand Hewn 4-Sided Beams
  • Old Tuscan 4-Sided Beams
  • Light Sandblast 4-Sided Beams
  • Woodcrafted 4-Sided Beams
  • Magnolia 4-Sided Beams
  • Saw Cut 4-Sided Beams
  • Wind Drift 4-Sided Beams
  • Majestic 4-Sided Beams
  • Smooth Surface 4-Sided Beams

How To Choose Between 3-Sided & 4-Sided Beams

Selecting between a 3-sided and 4-sided beam isn’t always easy, especially when you’re creating a truss or another assembly of beams. Generally speaking, the easiest way to choose between a 3-sided and 4-sided beam is to ask yourself whether the beam will be flush against a ceiling, or whether the open side of the beam will be exposed to open air.

Even if the beam will not be directly viewed from above, there may be many good reasons to install a 4-sided beam.

For example, a beam that forms the bottom side of the truss, and is supporting other beams within the truss, should be 4-sided.

4-Sided Beams Frequently Asked Questions

When are 4-sided beams necessary?

4-sided beams are necessary when they will be visible from all angles, when they are supporting other beams, and when it will simply be too obvious that the beam is U-shaped from any vantage point where the beam is installed.

Are trusses sold in one big piece?

No, trusses are not sold in one big piece. Trusses are sold in as many separate pieces you need for your custom design. To gather the pieces for your truss, you’ll need to know what kind of truss you would like to install and the dimensions of the space where the installation will take place.

To ensure you purchase the correct pieces, fill out the Truss Request form on our website. This fillable form will help you get started with the truss purchase process.

How can I buy 4-sided beams?

Most 4-sided beams are not sold on our website. You can purchase 4-sided beams by calling us at (888) 314-2326.

The only 4-sided beams that are currently available for sale on our website are the Majestic style beams. All other 4-sided beams must be purchased over the phone.

How are 4-sided beams installed?

4-sided beam installation is not much different than a 3-sided beam installation. If you’re trying to install these types of beams in your home, check out our instructional videos online.

I’m not sure whether I need a 4-sided beam or a 3-sided beam. What should I do?

If you’re not sure whether you should buy a 4-sided beam or a 3-sided beam, call us for a consultation. We can help you decide based on where the beams will be installed, among other factors.

Selecting 4-Sided Beams For Your Next Project

AZ Faux Beams sells faux beams that resemble real wood at a fraction of the cost.
If you’re not sure what kind of 4-sided beams are right for your project, browse our selection of faux beams online. Looking at the different types available can help you decide which faux beams will look best in your space.

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