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BEAM SAMPLES-Old Tuscan, Hand Hewn, Woodcrafted, Wind Drift, Saw Cut, Smooth Surface

  • $25.00

Old Tuscan and Hand Hewn beams offer a rustic texture, smoother-grained Woodcrafted beams are molded from Douglas Fir, Wind Drift beams have a deeper grained surface, Saw Cut beams look as if they were just cut in an old lumber mill, and Smooth Surface beams offer no grain, no texture (Not available with stain, Unfinished only). Full size samples, all textures, = 8" wide, 8" high.   Color chips (4" square) are also available if you don't need a full size sample.  Scroll down to the bottom of the color menu to order chips.

Please note that the cost of your samples will be refunded to you on your first order.  Samples are not returnable for credit.  Full credit is applied when an order for product is placed.

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