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Finished Color Options - Faux Wood Beams, Mantels, Corbels, Viga Tails, Planks, Logs

Colors shown in the first set below are only available on Hand Hewn, Old Tuscan, Woodcrafted, Saw Cut, and Wind Drift product and Pueblo Viga Tails.  

Please scroll down for colors available on all Old Timber and Sandblasted product.  

Note: For Old Timber / Sandblasted, Weathered Barn is no longer available.


  • Walnut

  • Dark Walnut

  • Espresso

  • Mahogany

  • Old Oak

  • Unfinished

Old Timber Custom Colors
Sandblasted Custom Colors

Custom Colors: Old Timber  Note: Weathered Barn is no longer available.

  • Old Timber Coffee Bean

  • Old Timber Custom Walnut

  • Old Timber Double Espresso

  • Old Timber Fall Leaf Brown

  • Old Timber Honey Pine

  • Old Timber Mahogany

  • Old Timber Weathered Barn

  • Old Timber Unfinished
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Custom Colors: Sandblasted  Note: Weathered Barn is no longer available.

  • Sandblasted Coffee Bean

  • Sandblasted Custom Walnut

  • Sandblasted Double Espresso

  • Sandblasted Fall Leaf Brown

  • Sandblasted Honey Pine

  • Sandblasted Mahogany

  • Sandblasted Weathered Barn
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