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Prop 65 - California

To our customers,

California’s Proposition 65 is a California law, officially known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. Among other things, this law requires the State of California to maintain and update a list of chemicals accepted by the State as cancer-causing or capable of causing reproductive harm.  If you discover a Proposition 65 warning on any product, sold by us, or otherwise, it means the product contains or emits a chemical on California’s list. Two of the chemicals on California’s list, which contains 850+ chemicals, are Titanium Dioxide and Carbon Black, both of which are very common pigments used in coloring a wide variety of products.

Our beams and panels are coated with pigments that contain small amounts of Carbon Black and Titanium Dioxide.  California requires a warning regarding these chemicals if they are present in products in “airborne, unbound particles of respirable size”. While our products do not release these chemicals in airborne particles in their fixed state, we felt it necessary to produce the warning for the consumer’s consideration because cutting, shaping, sanding or drilling the products may liberate a very small amount of pigment into the air, where it can be inhaled.  Dust from such handling may also settle onto surfaces and can become airborne again when disturbed.

To reduce exposure, we suggest using respiratory protection and sufficient ventilation when altering the product in a way that may produce dust. We also suggest using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, if possible, or damp rags to clean up any dust and changing out of clothes that contain dust before entering your home, car, or other areas.  If additional information is needed, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable Customer Service Team, or go to: