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Step 1

Install Threaded Rod

  1. Install a threaded rod into the wall at a 90 degree angle at the mounting location, taking care to ensure that the projection of the rod is shorter than the projection of the viga tail by at least 1”.
  2. Measure and note the projection of the threaded rod.

Step 2

Drill Hole In Replacement Viga Tail

  1. Find the center of the unfinished end of the viga tail and drill a hole that is the same length as the threaded rod and 1/8” larger diameter than the threaded rod. It may be helpful to first drill a pilot hole using a standard drill bit.
  2. Take extreme care to ensure that the hole is at a 90 degree angle with the viga and that you don’t drill through the finished end of the viga.
  3. Dry fit the viga onto the threaded rod.

Step 3

Install Replacement Viga Tail

  1. Add adhesive to the unfinished end of the viga and slide onto the threaded rod.
  2. Use a slight twisting motion to ensure good contact between the viga and the wall.
  3. Toe screw the viga to the stucco using exterior-grade deck screws.