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Faux Wood Beams

8 Custom Faux Wood Beam Design Tips

8 Custom Faux Wood Beam Design Tips

When you think of wood beams, you might immediately picture rustic, farmhouse style, exposed ceiling beams. However, with the customizable nature of faux wood beams, you can create custom designs that bring the look of exposed wood to projects throughout your entire home.

Faux wood beams made of high-quality polyurethane are easy to install, light, and durable, making them convenient and easy to use in your home projects. Even a beam that is 8”x10”x20’ only weighs around 40 pounds!

We’ve compiled a list of some of the more unique uses of faux wood beams to give your next design some extra inspiration.

1. Rustic entryways

The entryway to your home is the first impression that your space will leave on your guests. Regardless, it is an often-neglected area in your home, design-wise. You can use custom faux wood beams to frame in your entryway, connecting beams down the sides of your door to a beam across the top.

2. Farmhouse-inspired shelving

Who said functional shelves can’t be beautiful? Using faux wood beams to hold and display your photos, holiday décor, or lighting fixtures can provide an interesting design element for your space. Faux wood shelves covered with small house plants can bring the feeling of the outdoors inside.

In the living room or bedroom, they can also serve as a place to hold small lamps, offering a unique and cozy way to light your space. In the kitchen, you can use a wooden beam as a spice rack, creating a beautiful way to organize your food items.

3. Cozy fireplace mantels

Fireplace mantels are one of the most common uses for faux wood beams. Your fireplace is the centerpiece of your living room - a place for family and friends to gather around the cozy flames. Using a faux wood beam as a mantel can dramatically change the feel of your living room.

custom faux wood beam fireplace mantel

The customizable nature of faux wood beams means that you can select the perfect finish and texture to match your existing fireplace, complementing your home’s style. With faux wood beam fireplace mantels, you can create the warm, inviting feel of a fireplace without the difficulty of dealing with real wood.

4. Organic-style window sills

If your windows have no window sills on the inside, you can use faux wood beams to create a shelving space that provides the look of a windowsill.

Beams below your windows can also be a great place to keep small plants, giving them lots of light.

5. Exposed framing

Using faux wood beams to frame your room can create a rustic farmhouse style feel. By spacing the beams evenly along the wall in a vertical arrangement, you can give the illusion that your space has exposed framing.

You can also isolate the beams to the corners of your room, and use beams at a diagonal to connect to ceiling beams, creating the look of bracing at the corner of your room.

6. Divide a room with faux wood columns

Many modern homes have an open floor plan. However, open floor plans often lack a cozy vibe. If you want to bring the ceiling down and divide your space to make the rooms feel smaller and cozier, like a rustic farmhouse, using faux wood beams as columns can help you accomplish this.

In addition, if you have an open floor plan where the living room, kitchen, and dining room are attached, using wood beams as floor-to-ceiling columns can bring a sense of division, making your living room and dining area feel separated from the kitchen. This is great when you are entertaining if you want to have different activities going on. It can also help visually, breaking up the space and marking a clear area where the kitchen ends and the living area begins.

7. Cover support beams

If you have a finished basement, or decide to refinish your basement, you may be left with exposed support beams that detract from the look of your room. Faux beams are hollow on the inside, which makes them both light and easy to manipulate. So they are capable of covering up unattractive aspects of your home.

Using a wood beam to conceal metal support columns is an easy way to make your space look more polished and complete.

8. Wood beam window valances

Using wood beams at the top of your windows where your curtains are attached can create a unique design feature.

You can also use faux wood beams in the middle of the room to disguise curtain rods, and divide areas. Using faux wood beams can transform what would otherwise be an awkward space into a nook with real character.

custom faux wood beams in the bedroom

Custom Faux Wood Beam Ideas

If you want to undertake one of these projects, or have another idea for a custom design project in your home, be sure to browse AZ Faux Beams’ extensive selection of custom wood beams for your home.

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