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Faux Wood Beams

Elevate your home with the timeless beauty of our faux wood beams. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they capture the warmth and texture of real wood. Choose from a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes to enhance your space. Easy to install and maintenance-free, they offer a cost-effective solution without compromising on aesthetics. Transform your ceilings and walls into stunning focal points with the natural charm these beams provide. Experience the allure and durable craftsmanship of faux wood beams.

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Faux Ceiling Beam FAQ

No. Our most common size is a 6" wide by 6" high by 10' long beam, weighing under 19 pounds.

Our faux beams are constructed of mitered planks of high-density polyurethane. This makes them: lightweight, easy to install with hidden mounting blocks, and excellent for use in remodeling when you need to conceal things like ductwork and electrical wires. Since they are made of planks to your exact specifications you can choose the correct combination of planks, 2, 3 or 4-sided beams for your installation and be assured that they will all match.

Installing faux beams requires only basic tools and a little bit of time. Check out our installation instructions under the resources tab to get instructions specific to the look you want to create.

That depends on the size and style of beam you choose. The smallest beams can start around $250, plus shipping.

The typical spacing on the beams is 4’ to 6’ on centers running the length of the room. If you want beams against the end wall (where the ceiling and wall meet), you can order an L-Header or 2-sided beam. Some designers like to use full beams against the end walls and others use none. So if you take a typical 16’ width room you could use 3-5 on a flat ceiling and 6 – 10 on a cathedral ceiling with no center beam. Our designers would be happy to help you with your project. Email us or call 888-314-2326.

Yes! You can purchase finished or unfinished beams.

Usually, faux wood beams will only require a bit of dusting from time to time. In the unusual case that they require cleaning, just use water mixed with a mild detergent like dish soap.

Yes. We can make custom sizes for you if you cannot find the right size on our website. Just reach out to our customer service team at 888-314-2326 Monday through Friday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm ET so that one of our team members can assist you.

Choosing The Right Faux Beam

Set your home apart by adding faux wood ceiling beams to your aesthetic. With dozens of styles, colors, and textures to choose from, you can create a beautiful, customized look that is distinctly your own. 


Whether your home is contemporary, traditional, or rustic in design, we are sure to have the right faux beam style for you: the cozy roughness of our Magnolia and Hewn textures work well in frontier homes, whereas our Wood Crafted texture is a perfect accent in a more modern space. 


No matter which style you choose, you will have a gorgeous accent that authentically resembles real wood and adds sophistication and beauty to your home.

Faux wood beams and mantels in a living room.

Design Ideas for Faux Wood Beams

You’ll be impressed by all of the creative project ideas and looks that can be completed easily and affordably with AZ Faux. Whether it’s updating your home, sprucing up your business, or even creating horse jumps, using our faux wood beams are a perfect alternative to the real thing.

Quality Faux Beams

Faux wood beams are constructed of high density polyurethane, making them easy to install, more affordable, and resistant to weather. Create a distinctive, warm and inviting setting, indoors or out, with our faux wood ceiling beams. Available in a variety of sizes and textures from timber, to distressed, to raised grain.