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Faux Stone Panels

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Our Faux Stone Panels Create Beautiful, Realistic Looks for Your Home

AZ Faux’s faux stone panels create a beautifully warm, inviting, very realistic look that works both indoors and out. They are easy to install, easy to handle, and very cost-efficient versus traditional real stone. Available in a wide variety of natural-looking earthly colors, from Adobe Brown to Dakota Stone, our styles look just like the real thing! Perfect for the kitchen, living room, patio, or anywhere else your DIY project requires. Order your faux panel samples today, and let’s get started!


Faux panels are great for both interior and exterior installation. Inside they can add new life to an old fireplace (we sell mantels too) or transform a basement from drab to fab. Want a focal wall? Just add some trim and you've got a show piece. Outside they can transform your foundation or your home's facade.

Faux stone wall panels cost between $12 and $15 per square foot. Use our handy panel calculator (located next to the quantity selector on your chosen panel) to determine how many panels you need.

Faux Stone wall panels are easy to install. You’ll need a few basic supplies including construction adhesive, a wood-cutting saw, a drill and some screws. For full instructions please consult our resources tab.

Yes. Faux stone wall panels cut much like wood so any basic wood saw will do the trick.