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Exterior Siding

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Siding panels are ideal for sprucing up your home or business exterior. Our siding is made of durable, flexible polypropylene and is a great substitute for traditional vinyl siding. Our panels are a perfect compliment to modular homes and buildings and ideal for use as underpinning / mobile home skirting.


Siding panels run from $6-$10 per square foot depending on the style that you select.

Siding panels are made of molded polypropylene, are for exterior use only and install in much the same way as vinyl siding. Faux panels are made of high-density polyurethane that is molded from casts of real stone, rock, brick or wood then hand painted by North Carolina artisans. Faux panels can be installed inside or out.

In addition to the siding panels, you will need starter strip (to lock the bottom of the first row of siding in place) and enough J-channel/ trim to account for the lineal feet surrounding every window, door and protrusion along your installation.