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Faux Wood Planks

Discover the charm and affordability of faux wood with our faux wood planks collection. Finely crafted to mimic the natural appeal of wood, our faux planks offer durability and easy installation. With a variety of finishes and textures to choose from, you can achieve the look of real wood without the maintenance requirements and high prices. Perfect for ceilings, walls, and more, our popular faux wooden planks will add warmth and character to any room they're featured in!

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For extra drama try adding ceiling planks in combination with your beams. Check your local building code for ceiling applications. With a beautiful wood grain texture, polyurethane planks can add tremendous beauty to a home in an economical way. Factor in the many benefits of polyurethane and you will realize the tremendous value this product offers.


Faux wood planks are a great tool to use alone or compliment your beam or mantel project. They are lighweight and come in the same textures and colors as our beams and mantels. Planks can be used alone to create the look of a shiplap ceiling or are great to use to make a clunky bulkhead/ soffit look like a majestic beam.

No. Our most common size is a 6" wide by 10' long plank and it weighs about 6 pounds.

Yes, when all exposed edges and ends are finished, these products hold up in all weather conditions without the worry of termites or mold, as they are moisture resistant.

For a nominal fee we will add texture to and finish any exposed edges or ends. Just select the option during checkout.

High-density means that the polyurethane foam has expanded within a closed mold and thus the expansion in a confined area creates higher density (or conversely less air). The overall density and strength is very similar to that of white pine.