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Faux Wood Arched Beams

Elevate your interiors with AZ Faux's Arched Beams. These faux wood beams add a graceful curve to ceilings, effortlessly blending style and sophistication. Perfect for both traditional and contemporary spaces, our arched beams are lightweight and easy to install.

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Our beautiful faux wood arched beams are a stunning addition to your ceiling or truss.


One of the toughest jobs in carpentry has always been bending wood. Hundreds of years ago, the immense beams used to construct sailing ships, cathedrals and houses often had to be bent into shape and that took many hours of laborious, often dangerous, work. That means curved beams tend only to be seen in the most upscale of properties; carefully designed interior and exterior spaces in which no expense was spared, and nothing less than the best was acceptable.


Faux wood offers an affordable way to bring that same layer of sophistication to your home or business, but at a fraction of the cost.


Yes – your arched beam will be produced as part of the same lot as the rest of the items in your order.

Our arched beams are made of the same high density polyurethane as the rest of our beams, mantels and planks and are available in all of the same textures and finishes.

High density means that the polyurethane foam has expanded within a closed mold and thus the expansion in a confined area creates higher density (or conversely less air). The overall density and strength is very similar to that of white pine wood.

Yes, these faux wood products hold up in all weather conditions without the worry of termites or mold, as they are moisture resistant. Arched beams make a stunning gable truss truly spectacular.