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Exterior Design Ideas

Exterior faux wood beams and decorative polyurethane products add the look and feel of real wood, stone and brick at a fraction of the cost. Bring your outside space to life with our exterior faux wood beam ideas

  • Easy To Install
  • Pest-Resistant
  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • Weather-Resistant/Low-Maintenance
  • Less Structure Strain
  • Decoratively Enhancing
  • Less Contraction/Expansion
Faux for Exteriors

Faux for Exteriors

As you dream up ways to incorporate faux wood beams & panels in your exterior decor, keep the following design factors in mind. Placement - Where you choose to place the ceiling beams will depend greatly on the size of your dining room. Too many beams may result in your ceiling looking over-crowded. Not enough beams will make it look unfinished. Generally, the space between the beam should be wider on a smaller ceiling. Larger ceilings will require more beams spaced closer together. Faux panels will turn a wall or foundation from flat to fab. Our siding panels are ideal for outside use as home siding or even skirting for a modular home. If your space has a fireplace, considering adding a beam mantel of the same texture to visually tie the space together. Configuration - There are various options based on the area. A peaked roof can look amazing with the addition of a gable truss. Outdoor rooms can be warmed up by adding faux wood beams or columns.

Size & Shape - To make the most out of your space, focus on shapes and sizes. Thicker beams have a better place in larger areas, while thinner beams do more justice in smaller spaces. Color - With nature as your palette, the possibilities are endless. You don’t have to stick with a wood finish. Consider ordering unfinished beams and painting or staining the beams to create the exact ambiance your working to capture. Get Installation Tips - Faux wood beams and faux stone and brick wall panels are light and easy to install with a ladder, screws and construction adhesive. Explore our installation guides to see how it’s done.

Interested in sprucing up but not yet ready to commit? Order Samples to explore different textures and finishes.

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Our faux products can be cut with any standard wood cutting tool. For faux beam product we recommend using a hand saw, rather that power tools, due to the presence of embeded screws.

As with all decorative accents made from both wood and polyurethane, there is a small degree of expansion and contraction. However, our product lines will expand and contract half of what wood does. We recommend that you store your products in a room temperature area prior to installation.

AZ Faux Outside

Faux wood beams and panels from AZ Faux are a simple, cost effective way to add rich, stunning architectural details to any part your home. Exposed wood beams are a great way to add dimension to a room, while also bringing a touch of class. Faux wood beams are made from high-density polyurethane, providing a durable and robust option for decorative ceiling beams. They look like real wood and can be manufactured to suit designs from rustic to contemporary and everything in between. Faux wood beams can function to creat a welcoming gable truss or visually frame an outdoor space. They are a versatile option that can transform spaces, no matter the size.

AZ Faux's faux stone & faux brick panels create a wall or foundation that is beautifully warm, inviting and very realistic. They are easy to install, easy to handle, and very cost-efficient versus traditional brick or stone. Available in a wide variety of colors, our styles look just like the real thing. Combine faux wood beams with faux panels from AZ Faux for a weekend makeover that will have the neighborhood talking!