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Faux Ledgers

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Faux ledgers are a beautiful, realistic way to complete your half-wall, wainscoting installation.  They add architectural interest and function to bridge the seams between panels (when viewed from above). Made from the same high density polyurethane as our faux wall panels, these ledgers are lightweight and great to use inside or out.


Faux ledgers (or ledges) are made of the same high density polyurethane as the panels they compliment. Much like the panels they can be installed inside or out, using the glue and screw method that we prefer, or adhesive only if the substrate won’t accept screws.

Ledgers are a great finishing touch for a half-wall or wainscoting. Use them for a realistic finish to your faux panel installation.

Absolutely. The high density polyurethane is great inside or out. Pair the ledge with faux wall panels for enhanced curb appeal.