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Mantel/Fireplace Design Ideas

The fireplace serves as a striking focal point of the home. As a decorative and functional space in home design, beam mantels can add a rustic, vintage, classic or modern look based on the texture and wood finish you choose. Add an element of depth and texture to your mantel with faux wood beams. Since we utilize a box-beam construction, our mantels are hollow which makes them ideal to cover existing structures.

  • Easy To Install
  • Lightweight - a 4" x 4" x 48" mantel weighs under 5lbs
  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • Weather-Resistant/Low-Maintenance
  • Less Structure Strain
  • Decoratively Enhancing
  • Less Contraction/Expansion
Bring your fireplace to life with faux wood mantels

Bring your fireplace to life with faux wood mantels

Considerations for Mantel Ideas & Design

As you dream up ways to incorporate faux wood mantels in your home decor, keep the following design factors in mind. Placement - Where you choose to place the mantel will depend greatly on the size and material of your fireplace. For a stacked stone fireplace, the mantel can be used as a great way to add dimension and division to the design. For modern fireplaces, faux wood mantels can add texture, warmth and depth to cooler tones and tiling. Size & Shape - To make the most out of faux wood mantel, focus on shapes and sizes. Thicker ones are better suited to larger fireplaces, while thinner beams do more justice in smaller spaces. Color - With faux wood mantles, the possibilities are endless. You don’t have to stick with a one of our factory-stained finishes (even though they are gorgeous). Consider painting or staining the beams to match your furnishings, or even coordinate with the tiling or stone on your fireplace. You’ll find a guide on finishing yourself in our instructions area.

Interested in sprucing up but not yet ready to commit? Order Samples to explore different textures and finishes.

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Faux wood mantels are a simple way to update your fireplace. They are lightweight and come in the same textures and colors as our other faux wood products. Faux wood mantels are hand built by mitering planks into a hollow box. The box construction, makes these easy to install and great for covering an unsightly mantel. Note: when ordering you are selecting the outer dimensions of the mantel. When covering an existing structure allow for material thickness (1 1/4" on all sides) plus a tolerance of at least 1/2 inch. For assistance please call or chat - we are happy to help!

No. Our most common size is a 6 inch high by 6 foot long with a 6 inch projection and it weighs less than 11 pounds.

Faux mantels are for decorative purposes only and are not intended to support heavy objects.

AZ Faux Fireplace Mantel Beams

Faux wood mantel beams AZ Faux are a simple, cost effective way to add rich, stunning architectural details to your fireplace. Pair them with our wall panels to completely transform the look of your fireplace. Faux wood mantels are made from high-density polyurethane, providing a durable and robust option for decorative mantels. They look like real wood and can be manufactured to suit interior designs from rustic to contemporary and everything in between. However, faux mantel beams can do much more than making the room look nice - they can be functional as well. Box construction makes them an ideal way to conceal unsightly wires, holes, and blemishes. They are a versatile option that can transform existing spaces, no matter the size.

AZ Faux's faux stone & faux brick panels create a wall that is beautifully warm, inviting and very realistic. They are easy to install, easy to handle, and very cost-efficient versus traditional brick or stone. Available in a wide variety of colors, our styles look just like the real thing. Combine faux wood beams and mantels with faux panels from AZ Faux for a weekend makeover that will have the neighborhood talking!