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Absolutely! A stunning ceiling treatment adds value and character to your home. Faux wood beams are available in textures and finishes that will fit any home decor style from rustic to contemporary. Installing faux beams is a DIY project that can easily be completed in less than a day and elevates your home's interior.

Yes and not just a coffered ceiling but a beautiful one! Typically this is accomplished with larger wood beams running the length of the room and smaller beams of the same faux wood texture running the width of the room. One of our highly experienced designers would be thrilled to help you create the ceiling of your DIY home decor dreams. Call or chat today to get started.

Yes, our faux wood beams hold up in all weather conditions without the worry of termites or mold, as they are moisture resistant. Please call for pricing or with any questions.

High density means that the polyurethane foam has expanded within a closed mold and thus the expansion in a confined area creates higher density (or conversely less air). The overall density and strength of our faux wood beams is very similar to that of white pine wood beams.

Yes. Our faux wood beams are constructed of mitered planks of high density polyurethane. This makes the faux beams: lightweight, easy to install with hidden mounting blocks for DIYers and excellent for use in remodeling when you need to conceal things like ductwork and electrical wires. Since they are made of planks to your exact specifications you can choose the correct combination of planks, 2, 3 or 4 sided beams for your installation and be assured that all of your faux wood moulding will all match.

That is easy, order your wood beam with an end cap. Depending on the size of the faux wood beam you need there are up to four end cap options from which to choose.

We want you to be happy. Please reach out to our Customer Experience team via phone or chat and we'll be happy to help you find what you need for your DIY project.

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Faux wood ceiling beams and custom trusses are an inexpensive way to have a major impact in your indoor or outdoor space. Available in a variety of textures from timber to distressed and raised grain looks. We offer box beams that can be customized to your exact specifications. Our craftspeople assemble each faux wood beam to order by mitering individual planks into a stunning AZ Faux product. This allows you to mix and match various faux wood beam configurations to get exactly what you need and not pay for anything you don’t. Our 4 sided beams are ideal for wrapping an unsightly column or for an installation where the beam will be visible from above (such as a second story landing). 4 sided beams ship as a 3 sided beam with a mitered 4th side that is fitted at the plant but installed on site – which makes hiding anything from rough electrical wires to duct work to structural posts a breeze. 3 sided beams are ideal to install flush against a ceiling or when they aren’t visible from above. Both 3 and 4 sided beams have end caps available for installations that don’t terminate at a wall. The ideal place for a header beam or 2 sided beam is where the ceiling and wall come together – why pay for three sides when you only need two? Any of our box beams are ideal for covering ceiling blemishes or running ductwork or rough electrical wiring.