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Faux Wood Truss Systems

Enhance your space with our faux wood truss systems. Our trusses combine the authentic appearance of natural wood with the practical benefits of lightweight, durable materials. Perfect for adding character and structural elegance to interiors. 

There is just something about exposed wood in a room that makes it feel cozy and welcoming. Imagine being curled up with a good book on a rainy Saturday in a room that feels inviting and comfortable… you won’t want to leave!  Faux wood beam truss systems are the perfect solution for a room that feels a little bland and needs a homey, inviting touch.


Genuine wood costs a pretty penny, but faux wood gives the illusion of grandeur while fitting an affordable budget. You will enjoy the beautiful and natural touch wood brings to a room without paying the premium price tag. In a large room with a high ceiling, eye-catching trusses can create a cozy atmosphere using otherwise wasted space. 


By using faux wood for your truss you get all of the beauty of a stunning architectural accent with none of the headaches. Faux wood trusses are shipped as individual beams to be assembled on site - this allows the installer to take final measurements, cut and install on site thus allowing a perfect-looking installation in a sometimes not so perfect/square room. Not to mention shipping as beams, significantly reduces shipping costs. Faux beams are lightweight! A 6"x6"x10' long beam weighs under 20 pounds so, unlike a wood truss, will not add significant weight to the structure.

Rest assured, we have some of the most experienced designers in the industry at AZ Faux. Give us your measurements and some inspiration and we'll guide you through your DIY project from there. Either complete the design form or reach out via phone or live chat today!

Yes, these faux wood AZ Faux products hold up in all weather conditions without the worry of termites or mold, as they are moisture resistant.

A ridge beam is a stunning accent to any cathedral ceiling. It typically runs the length of the room straddling the peak of the ceiling.

A faux wood truss can be your secret weapon! Faux wood trusses are made by assembling box beams in a set pattern. The advantage of box beams is that they are hollow and are excellent for hiding electrical or duct work. They are easy to cut so adding lightweight accessories such as a vent or recessed light fixtures is simple.