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Faux Iron Straps, Plates & Accessories

Complete the look of your faux beams with our faux straps, plates, and accessories. Designed to add authenticity and character, our collection includes a wide range of decorative elements that complement your faux beams perfectly. Whether you're aiming for a rustic or modern aesthetic, our faux straps and plates provide that finishing touch for a truly stunning result. Explore our selection of faux straps, plates, and accessories today and transform your space into a masterpiece.

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Installing a faux beam strap is as simple as determining the location, trimming the strap, gluing it into place and securing the strap with a small screw. Full installation instructions are available under the resources tab.

Our beam straps are made of flexible urethane rubber – but don’t tell – your guests and customers will think they are made of iron.

We offer these because we also offer plain beam straps and beam plates. Pairing our plain products with loose fasteners gives you the ultimate design freedom.

Beam straps & plates were originally made of iron and used to join two beams. Because faux beams from AZ Faux come in lengths up to 30 feet our faux straps and plates are purely for aesthetics.

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Our exclusive line of faux iron straps and accessories compliments your beams in many ways. Straps are used primarily to cover the seam created when two beams are butted together end to end. Typically this seam is somewhat difficult to fill-in, and straps provide a quick, easy and attractive solution to that problem.

Our straps come in a variety of looks, plain or with bolts/nuts. We also offer the bolt heads and nut ends separately, as well as a variety of beam plates, all of which provide a faux iron addition to the authentic appearance of your beams. Please see our Installation page for tips on installing our straps.

Custom straps will come 1”-2” longer on each end of strap and will need to be cut onsite to ensure you have the best fit for your beam.