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Commercial Design Ideas

At AZ Faux, we always have unique design ideas for faux wood beams in residential spaces. Since this popular design accent is known for dramatically altering the look and feel of a space, contractors and commercial property owners utilize the versatility of faux wood beams as well as faux brick and faux stone panels to build custom commercial spaces. If you’re thinking about renovating or designing new construction in a commercial space, naturally you need to give some thought to cost, time and labor when considering design layout. Going faux can achieve the look your customer wants and a cost that they will love!

  • Realistic alternative to authentic wood, stone or brick
  • Installation does not require skilled labor
  • Lightweight - does have structural impact
  • Low maintenance and durable - interior or exterior installation
  • Cost effective - low material and labor costs
  • Custom - products are made to your specs
  • Fire-rated polyurethane is available
Commercial Uses

Commercial Uses

Here are a few of the many benefits to using faux architectural products in a commercial space: Realistic alternative to real wood, stone or brick —Faux beams and panels are molded from real products and hand finished to make them look incredibly authentic. Faux products are affordable, allowing the customer to spend their money in other areas of their business. Extremely lightweight and easy to install—does not require skilled trades Cuts material and build costs significantly—Installing faux products doesn’t involve the tricky issue of load-bearing walls saving time and money. Low maintenance and durable—High-density polyurethane products stand up well to outdoor elements without regular maintenance, and unlike real wood, faux wood beams don’t attract wood-boring insects that create issues like rotting and warping of the surface. Fire-rated beams are also available. Material consistency - unlike authentic reclaimed wood, with faux you get the look of reclaimed in the dimensions you need regardless of the size of the job. Custom - AZ Faux offers a huge variety of sizes and colors that are crafted in the USA to your exact specs. If you don't see exactly what you want - give us a call and we'll do whatever we can to make you happy. Whether you want a simple arrangement of beams and wall panels or are interested in an elaborate beam and truss system, we can help you custom design the ideal accent for your commercial property. Looking to emphasize an existing beam structure with unique touches? Corbels, knee braces, and decorative headers are a perfect complement to complete the look. Let us show you how! Visit our installation section to see how easy our products are to install.

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No. Our most common size is a 6" wide by 6" high by 10' long beam and it weighs under 19 pounds.

Yes and a stunning one at that. Typically this is accomplished with larger beams running the length of the room and smaller ones of the same texture running the width. One of our highly experienced designers would be thrilled to help you create the ceiling of your dreams. Call or chat today to get started.

Yes. Please contact us and we'll do everything we can to bring your vision to reality.

AZ Faux for Commercial Jobs

Faux product can be seen in a variety of commercial locations, like hotels and resorts, restaurants, malls, retail areas, TV sets and more. This material has qualities that make it the practical choice in commercial spaces, not just because faux is affordable, but there are endless design possibilities.

Faux wood beams come available in a variety of finishes and textures to compliment any style. Our box beam construction offers both aesthetic and functional purposes. These beams are hollow, allowing installers the option to hide electrical wiring, and install track lighting, surround sound or sprinkler systems within the beam.

Add value and variety to your commercial space with our faux wood beams , faux stone and faux brick wall panels. To see the different finishes and styles, try ordering our samples.