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Faux Wood L-Headers

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L-headers, also referred to as 2-sided beams, are an exciting money-saver when you’re running beams from wall to wall. Put these beauties where the wall and the ceiling meet then space out 3-sided beams through the rest of your installation.  We use the same plank stock to custom build all of our beams and mantles of a particular texture so you’re guaranteed a match.


Since these have a box-beam construction they are hollow they are excellent for hiding electrical or duct work. They are easy to cut. so adding lightweight accessories such as a vent or recessed light fixtures is simple. 


L-Headers are the same as a 2-sided beam. They can be used as a half-beam or as a header above a window or door. When you plan to run beams across the room, a 2-sided beam is a less expensive option to start the run where the wall and ceiling meet. They are also amazing for hiding duct/electrical work.

Our L-headers are made of the same high density polyurethane as our beams, mantels and planks and are available in all of the same textures and finishes.

High density means that the polyurethane foam has expanded within a closed mold and thus the expansion in a confined area creates higher density (or conversely less air). The overall density and strength is very similar to that of white pine.

Yes, when all exposed edges and ends are finished, these products hold up in all weather conditions without the worry of termites or mold, as they are moisture resistant.