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Corbels & Viga Tails

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Equally ready for indoor or outdoor featuring, our faux wood viga tails deliver the same beautiful characteristics as real wood logs with the added benefits of virtually zero maintenance, decaying, splitting, rotting, or deterioration. The detailed wood grain texture of our faux wooden viga tails adds distinct beauty to any home or commercial space's interior or exterior in an economical way. Our viga tails are available in an array of sizes and finishes, and we also offer custom orders to meet the exact needs of your design project.


Some of the most distinctive features of Southwestern homes are the viga tails on the exterior of the building. Traditional adobe architecture used tree trunks, called vigas, as beams to support the roof. The ends of the vigas, known as viga tails, stick out through the exterior of the building. Today any home can easily incorporate viga tails for the distinctive Southwestern design style.

Vigas can be installed using either a mechanical fastener, such as a threaded rod, or with adhesive. If using adhesive the viga tail will need to be nailed in place while the adhesive dries (about 24 hours). See our installation instructions under resources for details on how to install a replacement viga tail.