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Choosing The Right Faux Beam Style

At AZ Faux, we offer an impressive selection of styles from rustic to contemporary. All of our beams are custom made to your exact specifications. Available factory finished or unfinished, you’re sure to find the exact beam for your indoor or outdoor space. Use this guide to help decide which faux wood beam style is best for your project.

Aged Beams
Contemporary Beams

Rustic Beams

Rustic beams are just that, the perfect complement to an Italian or Old-World look or as an accent to 18th Century American décor. Our rustic or distressed beams feature deep cracks and splits and in one case, axe marks as if chopped by hand. Beam styles include Hewn, Magnolia, and Old Tuscan, and are available in a variety sizes, colors and prices.

Raised Grain Beams

Our raised grain beams include Woodcrafted, Wind Drift, and Old Barn. Several of these are available as four-sided beams for applications such as truss systems or in any other setting where the top of the beam would be visible from above.

Pebbled Beams

Look no further than our mill cut beams for that rough-sawn cedar texture. Our Saw Cut style feature a “pebbled” texture as if cut on an old circular blade in a lumber mill. Like our raised grain and rustic beams, mill cut beams are available in a wide variety of sizes, lengths and colors.

Rustic Faux Wood Beams



Old Tuscan

Texture + Grain:
Rustic and distressed, deep cracks and splits, resembles the look of aged fir.
Featured on HGTV's Fixer Upper, this beam is ideal for providing an old-world cottage look.
Rustic, rich in detail, heavily distressed with axe marks
Design + Project Ideas:
Adds a rustic, cozy Old World feel to any atmosphere. Fireplace mantles, truss systems, ceiling beams—there’s great potential with this beautifully charming style.
The Magnolia faux beam is an AZ Faux Beams exclusive, and our best selling faux wood beam! Featured on HGTV's Fixer Upper.
Looking for that Mediterranean vibe? These beams are the perfect material for ceiling beams, fireplace mantles and truss systems.

Raised Grain Faux Wood Beams

Wind Drift


Old Barn

Texture + Grain:
Raised grain and sandblasted with knot patterns.
Raised grain, lightly sandblasted
Raised grain texture that produces a subtle barnwood look.
Design + Project Ideas:
Want weathered and sandblasted? Soft and vintage? This is the best of both worlds—like what you’d see in a beach house or seaside cottage.
From central areas like the kitchen and great room, to outdoor living spaces, Woodcrafted faux wood beams are the ideal balance between classic and contemporary. One of our most popular beams— for good reason!
Our Old Barn faux wood beams feature a lightly distressed, perfectly aged appearance, highlighting the beautiful grain lines and texture of real wood.

Pebbled Faux Wood Beams

Saw Cut

Texture + Grain:
Raised grain, lightly sandblasted texture as if cut from an old sawmill
Design + Project Ideas:
From basic ceiling designs to elaborate truss systems, these are very versatile, and work well for a wide range of applications and décor styles.

A Quick Word About Pricing

There are many factors that go into what determines the selling prices of faux wood product, and for the average customer, it can be a bit confusing figuring out what is the best value when comparing our beams to those of our competitors.

In an "apples to apples" comparison (production method, size, finished or unfinished, etc. all being equal), the density of the polyurethane foam used from one beam to another is generally, but not exclusively, the difference. A higher density foam (greater weight per cubic foot) usually results in a higher price. Different factories use different foam densities, which partly explains the pricing differences you see when comparing our prices to those of other faux wood product sellers.

Higher density foam generally produces a slightly better representation of the wood grains and textures used in the molding process, but when it comes to making a final decision, you should certainly also consider style/texture, color options, size options, production lead time and quality of customer service in making your choice of product.