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faux wood truss

Homeowners & Contractors—Design your Truss with us today!

Homeowners & Contractors—Design your Truss with us today!

You can get plenty of design, finishing and installation assistance from our team in all of your faux wood beam projects—big and small.  Ceiling beams and panels have become such a popular way to dress up residential and commercial spaces that it’s easy for both novice homeowners and seasoned contractors to accomplish the job.  But the design possibilities of faux wood beams don’t stop there…

Sure, you can easily add some beams to dress up any space, but what if you could take it a step further and get a truly unique ceiling design that really catches the eye?  You probably envision elaborately designed vaulted ceilings, like you’d see in a church or special venue, and immediately think these designs are out of reach and budget.  You’re wrong!

Check out the truss designs and woodgrain styles available from AZ Faux Beams!

Not only does AZ Faux Beams have everything you need to design and install a gorgeous truss system, but we make it easy and straightforward!  Just decide on the truss design—anything from arched or straight to scissor or bridge, as well as what type of finish you want; Magnolia beams create a distressed and rustic feel while Worn Grain beams provide a more modern, contemporary flair.  Maybe you want smooth, raised grain or another option in between.  We’ve got you covered from the initial vision to the final installation!    

By now, you’re familiar with the many benefits of faux wood products.  What you might not realize is that you get all of these advantages and then some with the workability and customization of our truss systems.

Benefits of faux wood beams include trusses as well…

Maintenance free—never worry splitting, fading or moisture damage

Ease of install—lightweight and simple installation process

Customizable—comes in a variety of finishes, as well as unfinished options

Hollow inside—provides a platform for installing surround sound, lighting fixtures and ceiling fans—also conveniently hides electrical wiring

Options + Expertise

We offer a dozen truss designs, but we realize you may want something truly unique and different.  Have questions about measurements, beam finishes and design options? Complete our truss design worksheet and give us a call.  Ready to get started, but still unsure what beam is best?  Order sample beams now!

Don’t forget—AZ Faux Beams has designers and architectural consultants ready to assist with your questions and special requests.    

Find out just how easy it is to design and install a truss, contact AZ Faux Beams today!

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