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Touch-up for Faux Wood Beams, Mantels, L-Headers and Planks

  • Caulk Gun Caulk Gun
  • Color Coordinating Textured Caulk Color Coordinating Textured Caulk
  • Painters Tape Painters Tape
  • Paper Plate Paper Plate
  • Clean Cloth Clean Cloth
  • Touchup Kit Touchup Kit
  • Small Paint Brush Small Paint Brush

Note: The material included in a touch-up kit is intended to conceal minor blemished resulting from the installation process. Please contact our Customer Support Team at (888) 314-2326 Monday-Friday from 8-5 EST for guidance on how to complete large repairs.

Click Here for Care and Maintenance info.


Step 1


Apply color complimenting textured caulk to fill screw holes. Blend caulk into adjacent surfaces while it is still wet. Where necessary, apply caulk to joints and gaps.

HINT: Apply painters tape where the beam and wall meet to ensure a straight caulk line.

Step 2


Allow caulk to dry.

Step 3


Blend the caulk into the beam by painting it with Tint from the touch-up kit.

Step 4


If painters tape was used, remove it after 24 hours or when caulk is completely dry.