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10 Unique Ideas For Faux Rustic Beams

10 Unique Ideas For Faux Rustic Beams

If you’ve kept up to date with the latest trends in architecture and home décor, you know that exposed ceiling beams of aged-wood are one of the most sought-after features in today’s housing market. Butthe classic look of rustic beams is certainly nothing new. They’ve long been valued for their ability to add a touch of warmth and charm to virtually any interior space.

However, salvaging vintage real wood beams is inherently expensive, and installation is often cost-prohibitive if not structurally ill-advised. Furthermore, salvaged wood beams can become warped or compromised by insect and water damage.

For these reasons, homeowners are turning to faux beams to achieve the classic rustic look that exposed beams offer without the tremendous hassle and expense of working with real aged wood. Relatively inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to install, decorative faux beams are a great way to add flair to your home.

In fact, the low cost and extreme versatility of faux rustic beams have been a widespread source of inspiration for architects, interior designers, and average homeowners alike. Here are 10 ideas for incorporating rustic beams into your home in ways that you have probably never considered.

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1. Wood-Framed Doorways 

Try using faux rustic beams to accent the frames of large open doorways. 

Homeowners are increasingly using faux rustic beam door frames to separate living spaces in structures with open concept floor plans. By creating doorway contrast in terms of color and texture, exposed beam frames serve as great room dividers.

2. Wood-Framed Skylights 

Nothing sets off a skylight or divides skylight panes quite like an exposed rustic beam. With faux wood beams, it is incredibly easy to frame any skylight. In some particularly striking interior designs, homeowners have partially covered their skylights with faux beams, creating a slotting effect that lets light permeate through the ceiling for a luminous yet sheltered ambiance.

3. Porch Posts 

Welcome visitors to your home in style with the warmth and charm of rustic wood. By covering your porch posts with rustic faux beams, you can achieve this classic look quickly and easily.

4. Covered Patios and Outdoor Rooms 

When incorporated into structural designs, faux rustic beams can create a distinctively rustic, cabin-like flair. This makes them a perfect match for covered patio spaces as well as outdoor rooms such as backyard lounges and dining areas.

5. Pergolas 

Pergolas are outdoor structures that create archways and delineate spaces that are entirely open to the sun and elements. These are common in gardens and yards around the world. 

Set your pergola apart by building it with a framework of faux rustic beams. Whether laced with climbing plants or standing alone, faux wood pergolas look great in a wide range of outdoor settings.

6. Trellises 

Inside and out, wooden trellises provide stylish flourishes that can really make a statement. 

Whether sleek and simple or incredibly ornate, these open and intersecting frameworks are great at adding texture and creating the illusion of space. The inexpensive and lightweight nature of faux wood beams allows you to easily create the trellis of your dreams.

7. Accent Walls 

Looking to set off an accent wall with something other than paint? 

Faux rustic beams are a great way to decorate walls. Make your accent wall a true focal point by covering it with a series of vertical or horizontal faux wood beams.

8. Shelving 

Homeowners looking to get extra functionality out of their horizontal faux beam accent wall should consider using these beams as shelving. This is a great idea for collectors who are looking for a unique way to store and showcase their books, artwork, pictures, knick-knacks, awards, or other items of interest.

9. Soffits 

Soffits are the exposed area beneath the overhang of a roof, and it’s usually not the most attractive or eye-catching feature of homes. By using faux rustic beams to cover this unsightly area, you can transform your home’s exterior style.

10. Curtain Rods 

In addition to covering soffits, faux wood beams are great at camouflaging problem areas or unattractive fixtures. 

For example, a ceiling to floor length curtain is a great way to divide a room into separate spaces (such as separating the bed from the rest of the room with canopy-style draperies). However, homeowners are left with an unsightly curtain rod that spans the entire length of the room. 

By flanking this rod with faux rustic beams, you can not only hide the rod from view but add a charming accent to your ceiling.

Start Exploring The Versatility Of Faux Rustic Beams

Although these ten ideas are specifically intended to inspire homeowners who want to make improvements to their living spaces, many of them will work equally well for commercial buildings, too. 

The architectural specialists at AZ Faux Beams are ready to help you find the best design and beam type for your particular project. To spark your imagination, check out our faux wood beam styles and textures. 

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