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Faux Wood Beams

5 Reasons Faux Wood Beams are Trending

5 Reasons Faux Wood Beams are Trending

If you look at faux wood beams and real wood beams installed in the same room, do you think you could tell them apart? If installed properly, the answer is NO! Most people are surprised, but frankly there is no way to tell the real thing from the faux version unless you’re close enough to touch the beams or use a magnifying glass.

AZ Faux Beams products look so realistic because they are constructed from molds of real timber beams. This gives them the detail that makes it so hard to tell the difference. Whether you want deep cracks, splits and axe marks, raised grain or a pebbled-texture, there is a faux beam style to perfectly suit your project—without compromising on quality or appearance.

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If you love the classic and modern look of exposed wood beams, but are put off by the cost and complexity of installation, you should be looking at faux wood beams. Many homeowners envy the perfectly polished look of faux beams, but are unsure how practical, affordable and easy they are to use. AZ Faux Beams is here to give you 5 reasons why faux wood beams are increasing in popularity:

  1. Faux wood beams are versatile
  2. These beams are incredibly durable 
  3. Faux beams are simple to install
  4. Multiple options for custom finishes
  5. There are many functional benefits as well

Reasons Faux Wood Beams are Trending - Versatility

1. Versatility

Although there are numerous reasons why faux wood beams are becoming popular, versatility tops the list. The possibilities for using faux wood beams are only limited by your imagination. Regardless of which room you plan to install faux wood beams, or your interior décor, there are countless ways to experiment with patterns. Try traditional horizontal placement, or get a little more intricate by crisscrossing beams to form a tiled look. Vaulted or cathedral ceilings? Faux wood beams are made for high ceilings. You can even design your own truss system.


2. Durability

One of the properties of faux wood beams that sets them apart from real wood is their ability to withstand the test of time. Eventually real wood starts to rot, chip and split, looking less and less like the product for which you put in a hefty investment. On the other hand, faux wood beams maintain their appearance for the long haul. Maintenance-free and resistant to many of the elements that cause the real version to wear down, faux wood beams stand up well indoors or outdoors. Explore interior and exterior faux wood beam applications.

3. Ease of Installation

Labor is a factor in remodeling that you must consider in the overall cost of the project. With faux wood beams it’s a non-issue because installation is a do-it-yourself, oftentimes one or two-man job. If there is any one advantage of faux wood beams to focus on it’s their lightweight construction and ease of use. Not only can one person carry them in most cases, but shipping is less expensive than real wood, and they are fixed in place with regular hardware. Watch installation videos to see for yourself.

4. Custom Finishes

It’s easy to complement existing décor or establish a new style by choosing among a variety of available finish colors. Looking for a more specific color? All our faux wood beams are available unfinished, primed and ready to paint or stain. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing faux wood beams. Gel staining, dry brushing and marbleizing are just several techniques for finishing faux wood beams. Learn more about custom finishes for faux wood beams.

5. Functionality

Sure, faux wood beams look pretty, but did you know they are also functional? Many of our beam styles are available in a 3-sided option making them perfect for hiding electrical wiring, installing recessed lighting and even small HVAC ducts. You can also use faux wood beams to conceal existing LVL beams. Structural flaws? No problem! Faux wood beams are the perfect solution for covering cracks, uneven ceilings or popcorn style ceilings. Read more about the versatility of polyurethane beams.

Experience the Difference—Faux Wood Ceiling Beams

If you’re ready for a little (or a lot!) of remodeling, faux wood beams are the perfect accompaniment to any space. Popular, versatile and affordable—you can’t go wrong choosing faux wood beams. Let one of AZ Faux’s architectural consultants help you decide among the many options of faux wood beam styles, finishes, ceiling designs and installation methods. We’re with you every step of the way to ensure accurate ordering, ease of installation and enjoyment for many years to come.

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