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A Guide For Stacked Stone Veneer

A Guide For Stacked Stone Veneer

The use of natural stone has become popular, but real stone can be expensive and hard to install in an existing house. Fortunately, one way to get the natural rough stone look you want in your home or commercial property is with stacked stone veneer.

What Is Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer is an artificial cladding placed over existing walls. It has a texture that’s meant to mimic that of actual stone and comes in panels that are easy to install anywhere.

Faux stone veneer is made from high-density polyurethane, which is far lighter than real stone and a fraction of the cost. The material allows for highly detailed texturing, and the panels are painted in a variety of colors to look like real stone. The result is all the aesthetic benefits of real stacked stone without the weight, cost, or lengthy installation time.

Stacked Stone Veneer Options

Stacked stone veneer comes in a variety of patterns, allowing you to choose the right look for your space.

The panel options AZ Faux Beams offers include the following:

AZ Faux Beams stacked stone veneer


Our Denver Stone panels offer an appealing texture featuring layers of narrow stones of varying lengths. The broken-up texture of the pattern makes for a perfect mountain stone texture that’s popular if you’re seeking rustic flair.

The resulting rough texture is nevertheless elegant, so it’s a great way to make your space look like it was built in the mountains.

Denver stacked stone veneer


The varied stone sizes and shapes of our Fargo faux stone panels give a different feel than our Denver panels, making them a great addition to anyone going for a classic stone appearance.

You can use Fargo stone paneling to line interior or exterior walls, or you can use it around a fireplace to create a cozy natural stone texture that fits perfectly with your aesthetic.

Less rugged than other styles, but still with plenty of variety and texture, this pattern delivers a classic stacked stone finish.

Fargo stacked stone veneer


Nearly perfect square angles and brick sizes ranging from stacked slates to robust bricks, the Lexington stone panels we provide make you feel like you’re right up in the Appalachian mountains. These panels give a facade of rough rock quarried straight from the mountainside, but with the cleaner, crisper lines of expertly cut stone.

Great anywhere inside or outside your home or property, these panels add a rustic effect that makes your space feel like it was built up layer upon layer from a wide variety of stones.

lexington stacked stone veneer


Our most rugged style is Montana faux stone, which brings about the effect of neatly stacked pieces of rough broken rock. Thick layers of faux stone that look like they were broken off from a single slab give you a deeply textured appearance that’s great for producing a hand-built aesthetic.

Paneling the area around a fireplace or an exterior wall will add richness and texture that matches the classic look of real stone.

Choosing The Right Stone Veneer

Having covered the styles available, it’s important to know how to choose the right stacked stone veneer before investing in the panels you’ll need to complete your project. There are several items you’ll want to consider, and the tips provided below will help you to tackle the decision of which option to choose.

Consider color

Each style comes in a variety of colors to match your taste. Cooler colors such as Cliff Gray will match a more subdued aesthetic or contrast a brighter one, whereas warmer color schemes like Cinnamon or Creamy Beige will lighten up a room or environment, and enhance the feelings of security and comfort.

Some color schemes give you a wide range of lights and darks on each stone texture, while others are more uniform. The option you choose depends on if you want to tie a room together with a simpler monochrome look or add a splash of diversity.

Level of detail

The stone styles and colors you choose will depend on how much granular detail you want to add to the visual aesthetic of a space.

Panels that convey uniform-sized or larger stones will contribute to a simpler aesthetic, and they won’t draw as much attention away from other elements in the room. They can also help tone down more chaotic areas.

On the other hand, the variety of stone sizes shown on Fargo or Lexington stone panels can provide a striking contrast to an otherwise bland area, shaking things up with a diverse appearance.


The texture you choose is ultimately a matter of personal preference.

If you prefer a rougher, more rugged look, Billings’s jagged surface is a great option, whereas Lexington's tightly squared angles will better contribute toward a highly finished look.

Handle in person

The surefire way to get a sense for which texture and color best matches your tastes is to order a sample. That way, you not only get to see flat-on portraits of each panel, but you get to examine the textures and patterns from every angle. It also helps to handle the paneling yourself so that you can understand how it will feel to the touch.

Use Stacked Stone Veneer For Your Next Project

To get started using stacked stone veneer for your next project, take a look at our panels or order a sample.

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