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7 Beach Cottage Design Ideas with Faux Materials

7 Beach Cottage Design Ideas with Faux Materials

Are you calmer and more relaxed when you are at the beach? Most of us would answer with a resounding yes! Perhaps, it’s one of the reasons why the beach cottage design style is always on-trend and such a popular choice among homeowners.

Lucky for you, there are several do-it-yourself ways you can integrate seaside-inspired vibes into your home. Better yet, achieving that coastal flair on a budget is easy with faux wood and faux stone accents. Maybe you’re not sure where to start, so we’ve got you covered! Keep reading for seven budget-friendly beach cottage design ideas you can use to add coastal charm to your home!

DIY Friendly Beach Cottage Decorating Ideas

When you think of the beach, you likely picture driftwood, sand, stones, and soft colors. Beach cottage design is all about incorporating natural materials you find near the water.

AZ Faux has a gorgeous selection of faux wood and stone materials that capture beach cottage-inspired style. Not only are faux products more affordable than real ones, but they’re also more customizable, durable, and DIY-friendly.

Incorporate the Rustic Look of Faux Wood

Since it resembles driftwood, exposed wood is a great material to use to turn your home into a coastal cottage. We recommend using faux wood beams, planks, and mantels to get the beach house look and feel, all within your budget.

Faux wood products have a variety of uses and can fit into any room in your home. Below are some of our favorite beach cottage decorating ideas using faux wood.

1. Use Weathered Faux Wood Beams for an Organic, Beachy Feel

Faux wood beams sprawling across the ceiling can make any room feel more open and airy. Here, the homeowner utilized the hollow part of the beam to run electrical for pendant lights.

This open-concept kitchen uses distressed faux wood beams against crisp white walls to capture quaint seaside charm.

Old Barn Faux Wood Beams have a heavily distressed look that is perfectly suited for a beach cottage design.

Old Barn Faux Wood Beams in Log Old Barn Faux Wood Beams in Log
Magnolia Faux Wood Beams in Light Oak Magnolia Faux Wood Beams in Light Oak

2. Bring the Beach to Your Master Bathroom With Rustic Ceiling Beams

This homeowner used Magnolia Faux Wood Beams to draw the eye to the most relaxing place in their home: the freestanding bathtub. Now, this bathroom has a touch of beach cottage charm in a unique beam arrangement.

Beams and planks are versatile, and can visually separate a large, open space, or call attention to a relaxing nook like this one.

3. Add a Faux Wood Mantel to Your Fireplace For a Coastal Living Room Upgrade

Upgrade your fireplace with the distressed texture of a faux wood mantel.

This fireplace, covered in Denver Dry Stack Faux Stone in Beach Bluff, is the perfect surface for a Magnolia Faux Wood Mantel in Dark Walnut.

Adding a mantel to a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace is a smart way to accent your beachy style in a modern-minimalist fashion.

Denver Dry Stack Faux Stone Panels in Beach Bluff and Magnolia Faux Wood Mantel in Dark Walnut Denver Dry Stack Faux Stone Panels in Beach Bluff and Magnolia Faux Wood Mantel in Dark Walnut
Hewn Faux Wood Mantel in Log Hewn Faux Wood Mantel in Log

4. Use Faux Wood Fireplace Mantels as Floating Shelves

In addition to adding a mantel with coastal charm to your fireplace, use faux wood mantels or even faux wood beams as floating shelves.

Floating shelves are a popular decorative element that can beautifully complement your faux wood mantel and ceiling beams.

Our Wind Drift Faux Wood BeamsandHewn Faux Wood Mantels have the distressed wood look to achieve beach-style floating shelves. Please note that beams and mantels should not be used to hold heavy objects.

Add Character With Faux Stone

Using faux stone panels that mimic natural elements is a charming way to create a beach cottage aesthetic. Our collection of faux stone panels has the same look and feel as real stone, but is much lighter and easier to install. Similar to faux wood, faux stone panels are affordable and extremely durable.

There are countless ways to fit faux stone into your beach cottage design! Let’s explore.

Denver Dry Stack Faux Stone Panels in Sienna Denver Dry Stack Faux Stone Panels in Sienna

5. Pair a Stunning Faux Stone Accent Wall with Beach Cottage Inspired Furniture

Denver Dry Stack Faux Stone Panels in Sienna add the natural element every beach-inspired room needs.

Paired with furniture in light, cool colors, this beach cottage design idea is the perfect combination of coastal and comfortable.

6. Use Faux Stone to Add Beachy Vibes to Your Fireplace

Updating your fireplace with faux stone panels can help you achieve a whole new look at a fraction of the price.

This outdoor fireplace is covered with Spencer Faux Stone Panels in Frosted Stone, giving the whole entertaining area a coastal feel.

Our faux stone panels come in a variety of colors. You will certainly find one perfect for your space, indoors or out.

Spencer Faux Stone Wall Panels in Frosted Stone Spencer Faux Stone Wall Panels in Frosted Stone
Sedona Dry Stack Faux Stone Wall Panels in Rich Beige Sedona Dry Stack Faux Stone Wall Panels in Rich Beige

7. Create a Faux Stone Accent Wall in a Calm, Cool Color

If you don’t have a fireplace or kitchen island to update, no problem!

Add an accent wall of faux stone panels. Our faux stone panels can be cut to fit your needs and are easy to install. Create a coastal cottage feel with a faux stone wall!

Adding faux stones in cooler colors, such as beiges and grays, can help tie in the beachy elements of your space. This focal wall uses Sedona Dry Stack Faux Stone Panels in Rich Beige.

More Beach Cottage Decorating Ideas

These beach accent pieces provide the perfect finishing touch to your new faux wood and stone design.

  • Seaweed Accents: Decorating your home with seaweed accents can make your space feel coastal and beachy. From installing a seaweed light fixture to adding seaweed decor to a faux wood mantel, there are many ways to use this unique style accent.
  • Wicker Furniture: Wicker is often made from bamboo or rattan and will add another natural element to your home. Plus, wicker accent pieces will blend in with any faux wood ceiling beams or faux wood mantels.
  • Beach Paintings: Consider incorporating subtle beach paintings into your space. Beach-inspired artwork against a faux stone wall of the same color palette can make a space feel like a seaside escape.

Beach Cottage Design Made Easy With Faux Wood Beams and Stone

Old Barn Faux Wood Beams, custom-finished by customer Old Barn Faux Wood Beams, custom-finished by customer

When you make a home upgrade, you want it to be easy, affordable, and gorgeous.

By choosing faux materials over real, you won’t sacrifice looks or durability. Each of our faux products is handcrafted to look and feel like its natural counterpart and is designed to stand the test of time.

By using our step-by-step installation instructions, you can DIY your beach cottage design over the course of one weekend. There’s no need to hire expensive labor to install our materials.

Our faux wood and stone products give you the high-end look you want, without the high-end cost. So, if you’re dreaming of the beach, bring the beach to you! Our faux wood beams and stone can help make your dreams of a beach cottage design a reality.

To get started, check out our entire collection of faux wood beams and wall panels!