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Faux Wood Beams

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces with Faux Wood Products

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces with Faux Wood Products

We talk passionately about the versatility of faux beams and other faux wood accents for decorating the inside of our homes. However, as weather turns warm, we naturally find ourselves spending more time outdoors. Of course summer means landscaping, gardening and other seasonal chores, but the end result of these activities is the very reason we want to spend our valuable downtime relaxing and enjoying the the outdoors.

So, why not take advantage of the comforts we typically only enjoy from inside our homes, and transition them outside? 

Just like our faux wood products are used in various indoor applications, they’re all suitable for outdoor use as well. This opens up the possibilities for creating the unique outdoor designs you’ve always wanted, but never thought possible. The 2014 Houzz & Home Study shows more homeowners are putting time into creating outdoor living to expand the amenities of their homes. The study indicated at least 25% of homeowners plan to remodel or enhance their outdoor space.

Outdoor Living Spaces with Faux Wood Products

Outdoor living room ideas & designs

Pergolas—Constructed from vertical posts or pillars that support perpendicular beams, pergolas add character to a plain deck, provide outdoor living conveniences and offer an opportunity to apply your gardening skills. Not only do climbing plants and vines grow exceptionally well on pergolas, the greenery provides shade, privacy and an earthy environment to kick back outdoors. Many homeowners are covering their pergola with a retractable canopy for enhanced protection and comfort.

Trellises—These attractive fences and screens provide the perfect setting to relax in the serenity of nature. Installing a single panel instantly adds privacy to your deck. Choosing to enclose the entire area with trellis walls creates an intimate and inviting space. Lattice can be installed horizontally to provide shade, or vertically to divide and define outdoor areas.

Patios & Porches—Perhaps you already have the structure, but want to enclose it entirely, or simply add a roof. Decks, patios and porches–both screened and open– are becoming an increasingly popular place to expand your home’s usable square footage. With our variety of faux wood beams and ceiling planks, you can really dress up the interior ceiling of your outdoor area. Our products are customizable, which enables you to install ceiling fans, surround sound, lighting and electrical wiring seamlessly into the beams or panels.

Unified living rooms--from indoors to outdoors!

Whether you want to partially enclose a patio, create a courtyard or accent your porch or deck covering, faux wood products like beams, planks, trellis fences and pergola kits are the best materials to achieve your vision for an alluring, comfortable outdoor space. 

Let our architectural consultants help you make your yard an extension of your home—contact AZ Faux Beams today!