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Faux Wood Beams

Decorative Ceiling Beam Ideas

Decorative Ceiling Beam Ideas

Faux wood beams are intended as a decorative home accent. Since they’re too lightweight to use for structural support, the ultimate purpose is to add visual appeal to an otherwise dull, barren space.

Make the most of decorative ceiling beams by considering alternative beam styles and faux wood accents that will surely enhance the finished result of your project.

Here, we’ll look at various decorative ceiling beam ideas to use in your home.

Decorative Ceiling Beam Ideas & Design Options

First, it’s helpful to know what options are available to you if you want something other than a standalone, traditional straight faux wood beam.  

Whether your style is classic or contemporary, there are many possibilities for embarking on an amazing decorative ceiling beam project that’s unique to your home.

Specialty-shaped beams, straps, and other decorative accents are designed to complement and add a distinctive finishing touch to your ceiling beams.

Decorative Straps

Decorative straps look like structural supports; however; they’re solely used for enhancing the appeal of your ceiling beam project. If you want to dress up decorative ceiling beams, straps may be just what you need to achieve your desired result.

Molded from polyurethane resin, straps are much lighter than the iron they represent. This allows you the look and feel of iron straps without the weight or costly installation.

Decorative straps can be placed either along a beam or at various joints, and they come in many shapes and textures to match your vision.


Corbels are decorative blocks that mark where the beam meets the wall, sitting just under a beam or truss.

Decorative corbels add interesting detail and give the beam a three-dimensional appearance. Corbels come in several shapes and textures, and their polyurethane composition is much lighter and easier to install than the real wood version.


Header Line with Faux Wood

Typically used outdoors, headers line the top of windows and doors with faux wood to create dimension on your home’s exterior.

These are available as half-beam headers or as part of a trellis system, enabling you to use them in a variety of ways.

It’s important to note that while you can create decorative trellises over doorways or patios, you’ll want to make sure they don’t bear too much weight. Whether you want to use vines or other decorative components to adorn a trellis, make sure items aren’t too heavy.

Viga Tails

Faux Wood Viga Tails

An adobe or wood cabin style can be easily achieved by using faux wood viga tails. This decorative faux wood accent offers the look of log ends, textured to perfectly simulate the appearance of real wood logs.

Viga tails come in two forms—replacement and flanged tails. The replacement tails are intended to replace existing wooden tails, whereas flanged tails are designed for new construction (in which the flanges can be covered by stucco or other materials).

Decorative Ceiling Beam Idea Tips

It’s important to understand how to combine design elements in a way that is visually stimulating.

Decorative ceiling beams and accents are the perfect accompaniment to your interior (or exterior!) design scheme if you take a subtle approach. The last thing you want is to create a decorative ceiling beam design that is so busy and overwhelming that it nearly becomes a wallpaper pattern!

Learn more about how to incorporate decorative ceiling beam ideas in your home so you can augment what you like, and hide what you don’t!  

Boost Appeal

Just as faux wood beams add detail to a ceiling, decorative elements can boost the visual appeal of each beam or outline windows, doors, and other parts of your home.

The aforementioned decorative ceiling beam ideas shouldn’t draw too much attention, rather bring texture and color to an otherwise monochromatic area.

Conceal Flaws

Decorative ceiling beams can also be used to conceal flaws or unsightly components, such as old track lighting, vents, fixture attachments, stains, holes, cracks, and so forth.

Even if you’re running wires or piping in a visible spot, three-sided faux wood beams and other decorative products can provide a solution to your problem.  

Helping You Make The Most Of Decorative Ceiling Beam Ideas

When approaching decorative ceiling beam ideas the key is to choose products and designs that highlight the areas you want to accentuate while bringing the right texture and color to balance your overall goal.

At AZ Faux Beams, our architectural consultants are ready to help you achieve your desired look. Whether it’s an indoor application or outdoor project, we’ll assist you in choosing the right products and accents to turn your vision into a reality!

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