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Faux Beam Installation on Home Exterior

Faux Beam Installation on Home Exterior

Many of our customers see faux wood beams as a small way to make a big statement. One of our customers, located outside of Erie, decided to use faux wood beams as an enhancement for a major home exterior renovation—and you’ll be amazed at the effect!

The appeal of outdoor living spaces isn’t a new trend. As homeowners strive to capitalize on purposeful living spaces, they’re looking to the outdoors as a way to boost livable square footage. When done right, outdoors rooms are truly an extension of the home. So, whether you’re considering a quaint pergola or trellis or elaborate outdoor kitchen, there are many ways to extend beyond the confines of your home’s four walls into the great outdoors.

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As you’ll see from these before photos, our customer’s home was lacking functional outdoor living space. The existing deck, although large, left something to be desired. In an attempt to completely transform the rear exterior of his home, he decided to tear down the deck, for an entirely different look.

Faux Beam Installation on Home Exterior: Before Photos (existing deck)Faux Beam Installation on Home Exterior: Before Photos (tear down the deck)

With the design and construction of a multi-level outdoor living space, our customer had his work cut out for him. Both the septic tank and leach field needed to be relocated, but that wasn’t the extent of the challenges. The addition of the lower level outdoor kitchen required the upper deck flooring be waterproofed.  

Check out our installation instructions and see how easy it is to install faux wood beams!

Once the bones of this project were complete, the homeowner left no stone unturned. Faux wood beams were put up to cover existing LVL beams—an easy step in light of the overall project scope. The homeowner also wanted to install recessed lighting in the faux wood beams to illuminate the entire space.

Faux Beam Installation on Home Exterior

The finished result included two fully functional outdoor living spaces including a kitchen, dining area, living area, hot tub on the upper deck and pool access from the lower patio. Talk about a complete transformation!

Finished result: Functional outdoor spaces, kitchen, dining area, living area and pool access from patio

Other ways to use faux wood beams outside

  • Covered porch ceiling accent
  • Outdoor living spaces
  • Outdoor dining rooms and kitchens
  • Exterior doorway framing
  • Decorative and functional pergolas

Do faux wood beams last when used outside?

Faux wood beams are made of high density polyurethane. The closed cell structure of polyurethane makes it the optimal material of choice for exterior use. Unlike real wood products, our faux beams stand up to extreme outdoor conditions and don’t attract wood boring pests. In addition, they won’t chip, warp or rot, and ultimately require very little upkeep. Faux wood beams are practical, durable, affordable and low maintenance.


Unsure what style of faux wood beam to choose for your next project?

View our beam style descriptions and helpful tips, or order faux wood beam samples to see for yourself! The cost of beam samples is credited to you once your full-sized order is placed.

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