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Faux Viga Tail Install in Carlsbad, CA [FEATURED PROJECT]

Faux Viga Tail Install in Carlsbad, CA [FEATURED PROJECT]

Faux Viga Tail Install in Carlsbad, CA Completes the Spanish Authenticity of One Home’s Exterior

Who would think that something as simple as a few faux wood viga tails would transform the exterior of a Spanish style abode? One customer in Southern California had this exact experience.

Upon moving into the home of their dreams in 2007, our customer felt something was lacking with the exterior appearance of their Spanish style residence. Although the builder was thorough in the home’s Spanish Revival architecture, the omission of viga tails left something to be desired. Cut outs were present, but without decorative accents the exterior just didn’t look complete. So obviously unfinished, friends would ask the homeowners the purpose of the cut outs.

In search of an easy, affordable option, the customer reached out looking for a product to solve the aesthetic problem that has bothered them for years. Our selection of faux wood viga tails provided the perfect solution. With custom options available that look like real wooden logs, we quickly shipped custom made viga tails to the exact specifications of the homeowner. See the before and after photos for the amazing transformation!

faux wood viga tail install carlsbad ca

Easy as 1-2-3, Faux Wood Viga Tail Installation

Due to the lightweight, polyurethane composition of faux wood products, installation is a breeze. The homeowner installed this set of 4 custom viga tails without issue, thanks to our easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and helpful tips. If at any point he ran into a problem, our architectural experts were standing by via phone to help troubleshoot, but that wasn’t necessary, and the installation was complete in no time!

Check out our installation tutorials and see how easy it is to install faux wood viga tails!

Curious how faux wood products stand up against Mother Nature? Some people may question the durability with outdoor use, assuming they only work well inside. Think again!

Benefits of Faux Wood Viga Tails in Exterior Applications

  • Don’t attract termites, carpenter ants and other pests
  • UV resistant to bright sunlight
  • Temperature resistant in conditions like snow, rain, wind or extreme heat
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Authentic look without the risk of warping, rotting or decaying
  • Eco-friendly
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy to install and less expensive than real wood

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With the goal of providing a finished and realistic look to an exterior wall, we’d say this homeowner succeeded in achieving exactly what was desired. What once looked unfinished, the addition of viga tails was the perfect finishing touch. Not to mention they exude the appearance of structural support for the upper level of the home. And even after years of being in direct sunlight, the faux wood viga tails still look brand new.

Homeowner, Thom Digiacomo, goes on to express his satisfaction with AZ Faux Beams’ products,

“I would highly recommend any product from this company when one is looking for realistic wooden products which don't have any of the problems real wood can often present.”

Whether you are installing new or repairing existing, AZ Faux Beams has the largest selection of faux wood vigas tails. We also proudly offer the lowest everyday prices on viga tails online. Available ready to ship in a variety of sizes and finishes, or custom made to your exact specifications, AZ Faux Beams is your one-stop-shop for faux wood decorative accents.

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