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Faux Wood Beams

Faux Wood Beam Designs for the Home

Faux Wood Beam Designs for the Home

As a homeowner, you’ve probably contemplated numerous home improvements. Most of them are expensive or require too much time. One trending design project that doesn’t rob you of time or money is faux wood ceiling beams.

Ceiling beams have many places in a home. From the master bedroom to the kitchen, or anywhere else in between, faux wood beams are capable of producing a desired feel while making a dramatic statement throughout the home. Design experts agree that the ceiling is like a fifth wall—don’t overlook it!

Top 7 Ideas for Faux Wood Beams

Dining Rooms

Faux Wood Beam Designs for Dining Room

Most of us would love it if our formal dining room had an ambiance that made us want to use it more frequently. Faux wood beams in a dining room add architectural detail and radiate warmth. Whether it’s a casual Sunday dinner, social gathering or holiday feast, faux wood beams will draw in family and friends.


Faux Wood Beam Designs for Kitchen

Faux wood beams are very popular in kitchen design. They have the ability to make a small kitchen appear larger, as well as tie together an open concept space. As one of the most multi-purpose rooms in your home, you spend a great deal of time here. The classic beauty and versatility of faux wood beams is a perfect match for any kitchen.


Room dividing doorways are an excellent location to install faux wood beams. You can use faux wood beams to distinguish areas in an open floorplan, or simply emphasize pass-throughs. This design idea works especially well from a kitchen to dining area or from a dining area to a living room. Use a single beam as a header, or install faux wood beams around all three sides.

Living Room

Faux Wood Beam Designs for Living Room

Dens and family rooms are the most lived in areas of a home. While everyone has their own personal taste and style for how this room should feel, faux wood beams enable you to achieve anything from dark and rustic to bright and contemporary. Whichever you prefer, chances are once you install faux wood beams you’ll find it impossible to not want to cozy up and relax.  


Long, straight hallways can feel narrow and dark. Faux wood beams not only add length and dimension, but they draw the eye up creating the illusion that the hallway is brighter and more open. Install a series of faux wood beams along the ceiling length or width; you can also position them on walls for a unique look.

Media rooms

Home theaters and media rooms are trending in homes across the country. Not just used for watching TV, movies and sports, these rooms are a place to game, read, even entertain. The bonus of our 3-sided faux wood beams is they can easily hide electrical wiring, recessed lighting and surround sound speakers!

Master Bedroom

Faux Wood Beam Designs for the Home

There are many ways you can transform a master bedroom. New bedding, fresh paint, updated lighting, but nothing has as dramatic of an effect as faux wood beams. And unlike some of the other changes you can make to your master, faux wood ceiling beams don’t cut into valuable floor space.

Choosing Faux Wood Beams for Home Design Projects

There are endless ways to emphasize the ceilings in your home using faux wood beams! You may want to accent your existing style, or install faux wood beams to make a big change. Whichever room in the home you’re eyeing for your next project, AZ Faux Beams has an affordable, maintenance-free, easy to install faux wood beam option for you.  

Take advantage of our faux wood beam samples when deciding what finish and style is best suited for your project. Order samples now!