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Faux Wood Beams

Faux Wood Beams For Outdoor Use

Faux Wood Beams For Outdoor Use

Faux wood beams are often thought of as decorative pieces for indoor spaces only, but this is far from the truth. In fact, faux wood beams are used in dozens of ways around the exteriors of homes and businesses to create stunning, upscale spaces.

Ways To Use Faux Wood Beams Outdoors

Your imagination is the only limit when using faux wood beams outdoors.

  • A Gardener’s Dream: Faux wood beams help create the perfect outdoor trellis or elegant pergola, letting plants run wild without any concern of rot or decay.
  • The Porch Lover’s Wish: Faux wood beams are an excellent addition to any outdoor lounge space, both for homeowners and commercial businesses.
  • Accent Your Assets: Show off your Mediterranian villa or authentic Italian restaurant with luxurious faux wood beams that provide the perfect answer for any venue.
  • Additional Decorations: Faux wood beams can be used to improve the aesthetic of your exterior space, including options for faux wooden viga tails, outlookers, rafter tails, and corbels.
  • Practical Functionality: When it comes to structural soundness, faux wood beams are very practical. Absurdly lightweight and incredibly durable, outdoor faux wood beams can help mask unsightly exterior imperfections and hide electrical wiring.

No matter what kind of decorative remodeling your space requires, faux wood beams are the most popular, affordable, and practical solution for outdoor spaces both big and small.

Visual Elements Of An Outdoor Faux Wood Beam

Faux wood beams deliver the advantage of complete customization. This means that factors such as length, size, and color are all easily adjustable by the buyer before the purchase is made. What’s more, the lightweight design and nontoxic makeup ensure that your outdoor additions remain a lasting fixture for many years to come.

The elements of a faux wood beam that are fully customizable include:


Faux wood beam colors include walnut, oak, mahogany, pine, fir, and magnolia variations. Each color is carefully vetted for natural appearance, as well as optimal performance and maximum resistance against sun fading.


Textures for outdoor faux wood beams are as variable as their color palettes. Buyers looking for a sharply modern feel may find that saw-cut or smooth-surface textures provide the best aesthetic for the job.

More rustic options, such as old tuscan and hand-hewn beams, are excellent additions to any cozy space. Finally, old barn or custom orders are the gold standard for outdoor spaces and are always an eye-catching exterior accent.


FaHowever, faux wood beams ordered specifically for outdoor use should be finished for the sake of longevity and added protection.

Durability Of Outdoor Faux Wood Beams

Outdoor faux wood beams come with many advantages over real wood, especially how well they withstand exterior elements.

  • Real outdoor wood beams may warp over time due to unregulated water absorption and temperature changes. Thanks to the tempered polyurethane interior of faux wood beams, these factors will do little to affect your investment.
  • Faux wood beams are not susceptible to rot, unlike real wood which can chip, split, and otherwise break apart in a few short years.
  • Real wood beams have a long history of attracting wood-eating pests, including carpenter ants, termites, carpenter bees, powderpost beetles, and other various insects. Faux wood beams do not provide a food source, so they are immune to such infestation.
  • Faux wood beams are virtually maintenance-free even in outdoor locations, requiring little more than routine power washing along with the rest of the property.

Start Your Next Faux Wood Beam Outdoor Project Now!

The outdoor appeal of any space makes a significant impact on the overall value and character of the property. Using outdoor faux wood beams in your next project is an excellent way to capitalize on space, design, and your budget.

When looking to begin your remodeling or building process, rely on the faux wood beam experts at AZ Faux Beams to assist you from start to finish. Our professional architectural consultants are thrilled to help people define, discover, and design a space that takes outdoor living and entertainment to the next level.

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