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Faux Wood Panels In Modern Hotel Renovation

Faux Wood Panels In Modern Hotel Renovation

From restaurants to retail spaces, faux wood beams and panels are used in commercial design to add visual appeal, making spaces feel warm and inviting. As part of a major hotel renovation at the Marriott Chicago Southwest at Burr Ridge, our customer, a Richmond-based interior design firm, used custom faux wood panels in the remodel of the coffee bar located in the hotel lobby. This project is proof that something as easy and affordable as faux wood can change the look and feel of a space.

before commercial wood panels

As you can see from the before photo, the area is dominated by an interior dropped soffit. This structural detail was unable to be removed, and our customer sought to conceal it, altering the appearance of the dropped ceiling. Together we worked to find the perfect solution to transform undesired ceiling lines.

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This was anything but your typical commercial application or installation. Instead of using standard faux wood beams, we custom cut sandblasted faux wood beams into panels of various sizes to work with our client’s contemporary design. The panels were installed from the ceiling with portions that dropped down the length of the wall for a dramatic effect. Our client emphasized the design further with warm LED strip lighting to behind the wall panels. Check out this striking result!

after commercial wood panels

This commercial faux wood project was part of a total hotel renovation. Our client had a budget that needed to sync with the big picture. Although there were challenges associated with altering the existing architecture of the space, we could work together in a value engineering effort to achieve the desired aesthetic while keeping the project within budget.

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Oftentimes, customers come to AZ Faux Beams looking for affordable, maintenance-free faux wood products to cover ceiling flaws, damage or other unwanted architectural detail. As in the case with this project, the client wanted to do away with the dropped ceiling, but because of the restaurant located behind that wall, removing it entirely wasn’t an option. Luckily, we could offer custom faux wood products to fix the issue while completely transforming the look and feel of the space.

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Interested in seeing how faux wood is used in commercial applications? Check out our commercial design gallery! And don’t forget, you can order beam samples to discover just what style and finish is best for your project. Cost of samples is refunded upon placing your full order.

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