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Faux Wood Beams

How to Enhance Vaulted Ceilings with Beams

How to Enhance Vaulted Ceilings with Beams

Vaulted ceilings are a design trend that can completely change the look and feel of your home. Formed as opposite ends of the ceiling rise to a slant and meet in the middle, you’d suppose this dramatic, lofty ceiling design is something you’d only see in cathedrals and castles. However, vaulted ceilings aren’t restricted to old-fashioned architecture styles—or fairy tales.

If you want to gaze up at the clean, sharp lines of a vaulted ceiling, you’re in luck. Many of today’s homes have vaulted ceilings. Because the trend in desiring an open concept floor plan is unwavering, it’s a natural accompaniment to pair the flowing layout with high, open ceilings.

vaulted ceiling faux wood beam

Benefits of Vaulted Ceilings

  • Larger, more open and airy, easily makes a space feel larger and lighter
  • Higher ceilings require larger, or more, windows which drastically improves natural light   
  • Builds character and charm, not to mention home value
  • Practical use of space, that doesn’t require using valuable square footage
  • Provides venting for hot air to escape, which is particularly helpful in bathrooms

With homeowners wanting to engage in more DIY home improvements to improve aesthetics and increase home value, they’re looking at vaulted ceilings with beams as a project that just makes sense. Why leave those towering, majestic ceilings bare, anyways?

Vaulted Ceilings with Beams in Open Concept Floor Plans

wood beam vaulted ceiling

Open floor plans with vaulted ceilings scream opportunity for installing faux wood beams. If your home has vaulted ceilings on the first floor in living and dining spaces, faux wood beams are an amazing accompaniment to tie it all together.

The pictured image is an example of how vaulted ceilings with beams work in common spaces of the home, especially where walls are few and far between. You’ll notice living, dining and kitchen are all combined under one vaulted ceiling. This homeowner chose to add vintage character to a crisp, clean and bright common area with faux wood beams. 

This one shows a vastly different application of vaulted ceilings with beams. The layout is open with one common space flowing into the next, but the homeowner opted to accent each area with its own ceiling beam design. This is a great example of how you can distinctly separate rooms even in an open concept layout. The added bonus is the entryway is front and center to the elaborate vaulted ceilings. 

Vaulted Ceilings with Beams and Trusses 

vaulted ceiling truss faux wood

Another popular design idea is enhancing vaulted ceilings with beams and trusses. This takes the project a step further. Instead of stopping with faux wood beam installation, you’ll fill the open space with a unique truss system.

The first image shows vaulted ceilings with beams and trusses. This is a king post straight struts style truss. You’ll also notice that the homeowner strategically placed the faux wood beams around surround sound and recessed lighting, then installed ceiling fans. This is an illustration of how vaulted ceilings with beams and trusses can make a statement while being purposeful.  

The second picture shows a drastically different application of vaulted ceilings with beams and trusses. Installed over a living room with wall to wall windows, this faux wood beam and truss design makes a soft statement. The interior of the truss system is open, with curved posts positioned beneath the beams instead of inside. 

Start your Vaulted Ceiling Beam and Truss Design 

faux wood beam vaulted ceilingAZ Faux Beams offers a wide variety of
beam styles and finishes. If you’re starting with a simple arrangement of faux wood beams in vaulted ceilings, you have the option of adding a truss design down the road in the same style and finish.

Should you choose to make your vaulted ceilings with beams just as functional as they are striking, our 3-sided faux wood beams are designed for lighting, surround sound and other electrical wiring.

Let our architectural consultants answer all of your questions about faux wood ceiling beams and truss designs, contact us today!