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How to Use Living Room Ceiling Beams

How to Use Living Room Ceiling Beams

Much like the kitchen, your living room is a central place in your home. It captures all the comings and goings and is quite possibly the place where people will remember memories down the road of time spent with you.

In addition, your living room is probably where you spend most of your time at home, whether you’re enjoying a movie, watching TV with family, entertaining guests, or simply relaxing after a long day.

The overall aesthetic will affect how you feel in your living room, and if things are even just a bit off, it can ruin the whole ambiance. You may not necessarily think about how your ceiling creates atmosphere, but it actually plays a big role.

A bland ceiling looks empty, and while a chandelier or ceiling fan could help, there are other easy and affordable ways to improve it further. Living room ceiling beams transform an otherwise plain space into a comfortable haven.

Benefits of Faux Beams for Living Rooms

One of the greatest benefits of faux wood beams is how they make rooms with bare ceilings seem cozy, warm and tranquil.

Perhaps another reason faux wood beams are popular is their lightweight polyurethane composition, so they are extremely easy to install.

At AZ Faux Beams, you can choose from quick ship ceiling beams, or custom faux wood beams, in natural wood textures, stained with just the right color. Both options promise to match your living room decor.  

Other benefits of faux wood beams include:

  • Textured to simulate real wood with only a fraction of the weight
  • Less prone to weathering, contraction, expansion, pests, etc.
  • Conceals blemishes and other imperfections
  • No specialized equipment necessary for installation

Faux wood is not designed to provide support, but its light weight does prevent strain on the structural aspects of your home. This makes it a perfect way to enhance visual appeal without complex designs that alter or jeopardize the room’s support structure.  

Living Room Ceiling Beam Design Ideas

If you’re checking out design ideas for your ceiling, there are many ways to take advantage of faux wood products and accents. Consider some of these ideas for using faux beams in living rooms.

Horizontal Beams

Plain horizontal beams are simple and straightforward, but they can do a great deal to improve the feel of your living room. They have multiple effects, such as:

  • making an overly high ceiling seem a bit lower and cozier
  • lining a flat ceiling in an intricate way
  • creating a look representative of a time period, like Victorian
  • incorporating an ambiance associated with a particular region, like southwest

Living Room Ceiling Beams - Horizontal Beams

Truss Systems

The “exposed rafters” look is very popular in today’s interior design, and with good reason. It adds a simple, old-fashioned vibe in a way that makes people feel right at home, and simultaneously brings a little bit of history and intrigue to the space.

Faux wood ceiling trusses are perfect for this type of ceiling beam design because you can achieve a 100% authentic look without all the weight of real wood.

Living Room Ceiling Beams - Truss Systems

Vaulted Ribs

There are also ways to incorporate exposed rafters without lowering the level of the ceiling as you would with trusses.

For example, you may line a peaked ceiling with ribs to achieve a similar effect. It’s very simple—just one long beam down the center with ribs branching off the sides toward the walls.

Living Room Ceiling Beams - Vaulted Ribs

Decorative Patterns

If you want something more intricate and fancy, you can get creative with decorative patterns.

Flattened faux wood beams add detail to the ceiling without altering how close it feels to the ground. This is especially great for homes with low ceilings.

For example, you can inlay your ceiling with cross-hatching, then can incorporate some color and interest in between.

Living Room Ceiling Beams - Decorative Patterns

Wall Decor

Faux wood not only helps improve the effect of your ceiling, but beams may be used to complement the walls as well. This can be very beneficial in living rooms with particularly high ceilings because it helps fill up empty wall space.

Living Room Ceiling Beams - Wall Decor

Complex Geometric Patterns

Bring domed ceilings a little closer to earth while still accentuating their grandeur by using faux wood beams.  

You may bridge different points in the ceiling’s complex geometry and make it pop with an interesting grid. Traditionally shaped ceilings are also similarly improved upon with this type of pattern.

Living Room Ceiling Beams - Complex Geometric Patterns

Additional Uses for Faux Wood Beams in Living Rooms

Match the color scheme, size, architecture, and other factors existing in your living area with our many styles of faux wood beams. You’re not limited to a single texture, width, or color—the possibilities are endless and anything can be custom made!

Order Faux Beams for Living Rooms

If you’re interested in learning more about design ideas using living room ceiling beams, or if you wish to order materials for your own home project, contact us today!