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Faux Wood Beams

Interior & Exterior Applications for Faux Wood Products

Interior & Exterior Applications for Faux Wood Products

When people come to AZ Faux Beams it’s oftentimes because they’re searching for an alternative to real wood for less.  Whether you’re a DIY homeowner, designer or contractor with a job underway, we have you covered!  Our faux wood beams are more affordable, less hassle and incredibly versatile.  We encourage you to browse our vast selection of finished and unfinished faux wood beams and order samples of beams that spark your interest!

Despite the impression our name exudes, we offer far more than faux wood beams.  From fireplace mantels and to faux panels our assortment is full of faux wood products to liven up and enhance spaces both inside and out.  

Interior Applications

There are many areas suitable to use our products beyond just ceilings. From home remodeling to retail space design, the opportunities to incorporate faux wood materials are endless.  Planks create cozy drama when used with faux wood beams.  Fireplace mantles are popular interior projects as well, and oftentimes customers take it a step further by installing faux stone or brick panel surrounds to complete the look with warmth and style.  

Exterior Applications

Don’t mistake our faux wood beams as being suitable for only interior projects.

Faux wood beams are just as appropriate for the outdoors.  As homeowners seek to bring indoor living to the great outdoors, and contractors are tasked with designing unique outdoor spaces, our beams are the perfect fit for any exterior application.  From outdoor rooms like lounges and dining areas, covered patios and porches, trellises and pergolas, and much more, our faux wood beams will dress up any outdoor space.    

But it doesn’t stop there—we offer accent products to enhance the exterior of any residential or commercial space like brick and stone panels, viga tails and corbels.  These decorative accents present multiple design opportunities as they’re appropriate to use in combination with one another for a truly distinctive exterior design.  Perhaps what is most advantageous about our faux wood products are the architectural and design styles they bring to fruition.  Whether you’re going for a Mediterranean or Italian vibe, or something with Victorian influence, decorative faux wood accents and trims are an excellent choice.

Ins and outs of faux wood

We talk a great deal about the easy installation, affordability and maintenance-free aspects of faux wood products.   However, these characteristics don’t just apply to interior projects.  Because of their unique composition, our products hold up against most extreme outdoor elements.  Materials are moisture-resistant and won’t rot, warp or attract wood-boring pests like real wood.  

For more on our extensive line of faux wood products, installation tips and other resources, or to browse design ideas, contact AZ Faux Beams today!

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