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Faux Wood Beams

Large Faux Wood Beams

Large Faux Wood Beams

Utilizing exposed wood beams in home décor is one of the most popular trends in decorating right now. It exudes a timeless look that elevates the overall impression of your interior.

Exposed beams on the ceiling can create a high focal point, giving the impression that your space is larger and more spacious. Depending on how you incorporate exposed beams, you can create a variety of looks – from sleek and modern to rustic and cozy.

However, using real wood can come with an expensive price tag and a myriad of installation concerns. Real wood beams can be extremely heavy and prone to deterioration over time. Faux beams have recently emerged as a great option for homeowners who want the look of exposed wood at an affordable cost, and with easy installation.

Faux wood beams are made of polyurethane, which makes them light, durable, and weather-resistant. They come in a wide range of design choices, which can make selecting the perfect beams a bit of a challenge.

We’ve compiled some information to help you decide if large faux wood beams are right for your project. And we’ve specified some information you need to know about purchasing and installing large beams.

Deciding on Beam Size

When you set out to design the perfect interior, you may not initially realize the extent of your choices, and how they impact the overall feel of your home or business. One of these aspects is beam size. If you have a large space and want your beams to be front and center, you may consider installing large faux wood beams.

Thick beams are especially suited for ceiling projects – they draw the eye up, making the ceiling the centerpiece of your room, which in turn makes your home feel more open. If you already have low ceilings, choosing thick beams may visually bring your ceiling down, creating a cozy feel. Thick beams used as a fireplace mantle can be a great way to help draw the eye to your fireplace, highlighting a beautiful centerpiece in your living room.

If you have a smaller room, large beams across the ceiling might make the space feel crowded. Smaller settings might be better suited for smaller beams. You can also combine thick and thin beams to create visual interest.

Shopping for Large Faux Wood Beams

The great thing about faux wood beams is that you can custom order them to suit your needs. Are you going for a rustic look? Contemporary? Aged? Do you want beams with a smooth texture? What color do you want the beams to be? Will they match your existing woodwork?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can browse the available styles of faux beams. Each of our styles come in an array of sizes and colors, so be sure to check the sizes offered for each beam.. Most of the large beams we carry come in a 12”x 12” width/height and up to 26’ in length.

The nature of your project will dictate how many beams you need, and in what length. If you are doing a ceiling installation, you will generally want to install the beams no closer than 4-5 feet apart. Be sure to measure the width and length of your ceiling!

Delivery of Large Beams

Depending on the length of the beams you order, your beams may arrive in one of two ways.

If you order a single short beam, less than 8’ in length, your beam will likely be dispatched via a ground carrier service like FedEx or UPS. Large orders or long beams will be dispatched by a common carrier.

We will work with you to let you know how much it will cost for your large beams to be delivered before you order.

Installing Large Faux Wood Beams

The great thing about using faux beams is that they are extremely lightweight and easy to install. Because these beams are easy to handle, you can use them in many DIY projects.

An 8”x10”x20’ faux beam only weighs around 40 pounds, where a similarly-sized real wood beam could weigh up to 600 pounds! This means that regardless of how big your beams are, you will still be able to handle them for easier installation. The beams are hollow inside, so even if you increase the size of the beam, they will remain lightweight and easy to manage.

Your beams come with installation instructions, and more details can be found on our website. However, the general supplies you need to install large beams are:

  • Scrap blocks of wood
  • Tape measure
  • Saw
  • Tape
  • Level
  • Wood Screws
  • Drill
  • Wood filler/putty
  • Construction adhesive

Check out our installation guides for more information and helpful tips.

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