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Versatility of Polyurethane Faux Wood Beams

Versatility of Polyurethane Faux Wood Beams

Consider how much focus and attention you’ve given to adorning your walls with the perfect arrangement of family photos, artwork and functional décor. The walls were probably one of the first places you wanted to decorate, making the space feel warm and cozy—like home. But style, decor and achieving that homey feel goes beyond four walls. What’s trending in construction and interior design is to incorporate style and architectural detail to your home’s 5th wall—the ceiling. The solution to round out the look and design of the entire space is by using exposed faux wood beams.

Ceiling beams can transform any space in any home

You may think that only the newest, most expensive custom homes are finished with intricate and extravagant beamed ceilings, but this isn’t the case! The industry for architectural home products has broadened in such a way that we no longer have to deal with the high cost and challenging installation associated with real wood to get the polished look of a beamed ceiling.  And, there are many options when it comes to material choice. Faux wood seems to be the preferred material among contractors, designers and homeowners alike.  Made from high density polyurethane foam, faux wood beams are suitable for any space—commercial and residential.   

To the naked eye, there is no visible difference between real wood and faux wood, but a polyurethane faux wood beam has many differences from a real wood beam. Real, organic wood is bulky, heavy, cumbersome, expensive and time consuming to install, not to mention it requires a team of professionals to complete the project. There’s also durability concerns and maintenance required in the care of real wood beams.

Benefits of a polyurethane faux wood beam exceed any advantage to using real wood…

  • Extraordinary depth and texture in color and grain patterns
  • Shares the appearance of real, solid wood
  • Easy installation–simple enough for a beginner
  • Affordable: polyurethane faux wood beams are available for all budgets
  • No trees are sacrificed in the manufacturing of polyurethane  beams
  • Durable: Requires minimal maintenance
  • Moisture resistant and doesn’t attract wood-boring pests

If you’re working on a home improvement or design project, the benefits of polyurethane faux wood are almost too good to be true. AZ Faux Beams invites you to see for yourself and order a sample today. For installation tips, design ideas, or more information on why polyurethane faux wood beams are the preferred choice over real wood, contact AZ Faux Beams now!

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