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Faux Wood Beams

Woodcraft Faux Beam Helps Home Install – AZ Faux Beams

Woodcraft Faux Beam Helps Home Install – AZ Faux Beams

We love watching our customers use AZ Faux Beam's products, but Suzannah, over at, did us one better by showing step-by-step how they were able to take a blank boring room and give it some flair and purpose with one of our faux beams!

While we won't steal Suzannah's thunder with a step-by-step look (you'll have to get that yourself by checking out her original post) we will say that before installation her entry way looked like this:

before the beam

It's a great space with high ceilings but with that beautiful ceiling comes the challenge of filling the space. She needed something to make her first room pop when visitors looked up high. That's the reason she gave us a call.

Our easy to install Woodcraft beam in Dark Walnut only takes a few screws into mounted 2x4's and you've got yourself a nice accent to your ceiling. It's really that simple - see the five quick steps of our installation process for your beam and check out Suzannah's final product below and a few other examples of our faux beams making a big space feel cozy!

Suzannah's finished space

If you're interested in getting your own charming and easy to install faux wood beams contact AZ Faux Beams and let's talk about what fits your home best.

Az Faux Beams example Az Faux Beams exampleAz Faux Beams example