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45 Gorgeous Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas

Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas For Home

There are many ways to use faux wood beams to enhance the design of your home. Faux wood beam designs can be used either to complement your current color scheme, provide contrast, or highlight architectural features.

45 Gorgeous Faux Wood Beam Design Ideas

The wood beam design ideas and possibilities are endless.

Here, we’ll demonstrate 45 amazing faux wood beam design ideas that you can use in your home.

1. Rustic Kitchen Doorway

Modern design blends into old, rustic beams framing the kitchen entryway, giving friends and family alike an old-fashioned welcome.

2. Cream Color and Faux Wood Beams and Lintel

A basic wood beam design is used overhead, with identical lintel over the windows. Both complement the rich, cozy beige of this living room.

3. Exposed Rounded Cove Ceiling

The rich dark colors of the beams balance with the marbled wallpaper and natural light in a high-class—yet cozy—manner.

4. Vaulted Rafters and Windows

This barn house style creates a spectacular sight with the play of window light through the exposed wood beam design.

5. Bowed Vaulted Ceiling Beams

The curves introduced by the trusses in this wood beam design bring the ceiling a little closer to earth while accentuating the high vault in the center of the room.

6. Half and Half

The vaulted half of the ceiling is marked out with trusses, bringing it level with the regular portion.

7. Rustic Coffered-Beamed Ceiling

In an otherwise classical space, the crisscrossing beams here combine rustic textures with a modern coffered ceiling concept.

8. Tray Beams in Rectangular Frame

The room’s rectangular frame is complemented by faux wood beams that create a tray ceiling aesthetic.

9. Exposed Narrow Beams

The exposed ceiling takes a modern aesthetic back in time, adding a cozy touch to the whitewashed space.

10. Flattened Beamed Ceiling

The flattened beams add a hint of texture to an otherwise plain ceiling without bringing it down too low.

11. Tray Grayscale

For cooler aesthetic, gray faux beams add texture, but not warmth, to this tray ceiling.

12. Thick Crossbeams

The green plants and cream paint job are complemented with the thick faux wood beam design, which crisscrosses the curved tray ceiling.

13. Simple Trusses on a Shallow Vault

The shallow vault of the ceiling is brought down a little by the lightly browned trusses for a cozier feel to the space.

14. Vaults and Sheds

The vaulted ceiling matches the shed half to the right with faux wood beams over the exposed slats.

15. Hanging Trellises and Exposed Lodge Ceiling

The wooden trellises and beams add a great deal of texture to this lodge-like aesthetic.

16. Curtain Rod Camouflage

The faux wood beams here cover the curtain rod in this vaulted wood beam ceiling design.

17. Rustic Beams Over Shiplap

The rustic beams used in this vaulted ceiling pop with the white shiplap and create a beautiful farmhouse look to this kitchen.

18. Squared Rafters

The beams here form square rafters to bring the high vault closer to home.

19. Parallel Beams and Wall Slats

The beams along the walls match those running across the vaulted ceiling in this outdoorsy space.

20. Inverted Beams and Trays

Wooden slats cover the ceiling while whitewashed beams form the trays.

21. Tray Ceiling Slats

The marbled texture frames the dark faux wood slats in this wood beam design.

22. Cozy Shed

Exposed beams in a rich mahogany color frame this den.

23. Entryway and Ceiling Slats

Flattened slats texture the ceiling while a large beam marks the division between the den and the living room.

24. Cool Kitchen

This beautifully renovated kitchen highlights a faux beam design over the island that is one of the more creative uses we've seen.

25. Ribbed Ceiling

Thick faux wood beams rib the flat ceiling, matching the wooden cabinetry and flooring.

26. Bricks, Cream, and Trusses

Thick trusses match the warm vibe added by the stone fireplace.

27. Whitewashed Beams

Smooth ceiling beams complement the burnt sienna overhead, framing panels for a tray ceiling aesthetic.

28. Tic-Tac-Toe

The hatching over the kitchen with framing around the entryway reinforce the homey aesthetic of this kitchen.

29. Tall and Modern

A coffered texture frames the ceiling fan and completes this open space.

30. Lowered Low Ceiling

The lowered ceiling, marked by beams, is brought even lower with three faux wood beams running across.

31. Dark Wood, Light Wood

Dark wood beams frame this exposed vaulted ceiling, contrasting the light from the windows.

32. (Not So) Heavy Beams

Great thick beams create a lodge-like aesthetic without all the weight of real wood.

33. Zig Zag

Faux beams over panels are arranged in this wood beam design to form a herringbone pattern.

34. Mirrored Lodge

Crisscrossed in dark faux wood up top, the full wood aesthetic is mirrored in the glossy floor.

35. Brackets and Trusses

Brackets support the trusses, all of which balance the warm colors in this living room area.

36. Barn Bar

Faux wood paneling, beams marking the entryways, and hardwood on the ground are highlights of this wood beam design.

37. Skylight Slotting

The light let in through the ceiling is filtered through faux wood beams, creating a bright yet sheltered feel.

38. Angular Space Marker

Faux wood beams map out a space, marking one area out from the next with interesting angles.

39. Around the Bend

Thick beams complement the stone walls curving around this area.

40. Modern Ribs

The vaulted ribbing is whitewashed to match the color scheme of this bedroom.

41. Slanted Hallway

The unique shed ceiling design in this hallway is highlighted by faux wood beams.

42. Rows of Lanterns

The hanging lights are set apart with darkened faux wood beams, which complement the slate blue of the ceiling.

43. Split Level Ceiling

Smooth faux wood beams extend half of the ceiling up to the opposing vault, leaving a more open space the rest of the way.

44. Ceiling Framing

Instead of texturizing the ceiling, this wood beam design frames it for a more open aesthetic.

45. Great Dome

Faux wood beams crisscross under a vault, filtering the light from the windows and highlighting its domed design.

Finding Your Faux Wood Design

At AZ Faux Beams, we encourage you to use these faux wood design ideas as inspiration in your next home improvement project. Depending on the structure and architecture of your space, any of these designs could be brought to fruition in your home.

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