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Beam Straps

When two beams come together, end to end, a seam is created. Often, this seam is difficult to fill in, which makes it visible from the floor. Decorative beam straps provide an easy solution to this problem. Decorative straps eliminate visible seams between beams or between the beam and the wall.

At AZ Faux Beams, straps come in different styles including plain or with decorative nuts or bolts. Each beam strap is textured to resemble cast iron or other types of metal, making your faux beams look solid, sturdy and heavy. Some straps are made from a flexible material, others are rigid. Choose the style that is right for your beams and your decorative style.

How To Choose Between Beam Straps

Generally speaking, beam straps work with most beams unless the beam strap mentions the name of another type of beam in the name of the product. For example, the Rigid Decorative Straps for Majestic Beams should only be used for Majestic Beams. If you have a rough sawn beam, use the Rigid Decorative Strap for Rough Sawn Beams, also found on this product page. When trying to cover the gap between a beam and a wall, select a beam strap with flange. Otherwise, feel free to select the beam strap that looks best to you.

Beam Strap Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a professional to install your beam straps?

Most people can install their beam straps. However, if you're having a hard time accessing the area of the beams where the seams are located, if you don't have the right equipment or you just don't feel safe doing the work yourself, you should hire a professional.

How long does it take to install beam straps?

The first beam strap might take half an hour to install, but you'll get faster as you do the work.

What tools are needed to install beam straps?

To install beam straps, you'll need:

  • Measuring tape
  • Utility knife
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Ladder
  • Black permanent marker

How are beam straps installed?

Measure the seam to be covered with a strap, then cut down the strap to the right size using a utility knife. Make notches at the corners where the strap folds over the edges of the beam. Apply adhesive to the back of the strap, then apply the strap to the beam. Nail the strap in place, and disguise the nail heads with a black marker.

Remember to measure twice and cut once! If you cut in the wrong place, you could potentially ruin your strap. A more detailed description of the strap installation process can be found here.

My strap arrived but it's too long for my beam. What should I do?

Some straps are 1" to 2" longer than necessary on each end. They are designed to be cut down to the appropriate size. Use a utility knife to cut down your strap.

Is it required to install straps over the seams of your faux beams?

Straps are cosmetic only. They do not hold up the faux beams, so if you don't want to install straps on your ceiling, you don't have to. However, straps are an excellent way to cover seams and give your room a fully finished appearance.

Selecting Beam Straps For Your Next Project

Whether you’re ready to embark on a project you’ve been dreaming up, or you’re simply looking for the perfect finishing touch for your faux wood beams, beam straps could be the right accompaniment.

AZ Faux Beams architectural consultants are standing by to help you choose the right beam straps or answer questions about installation.

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