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NovikBlock Electrical Box Installation Instructions


1-Locate an installation position with respect to electric wires coming through the wall.


2-After having applied sealant between the wall and the rear
part of an Novik’s Universal Block A-800 (sold separately), attach it with nails or screws. Cut off the appropriate precut forms on the lids of the Universal Block A-800 and the Electrical Box cover according to the product to be installed. Install the siding all around the part.



-Use with Novik Universal Block A-800. (sold separately)
-Use with weather protective cover
-Use non-metallic sheathed cable sizes.

3-Pass wires through pull-through clips (additional knock out available). Remove the four spacers located on one side of the box. In case of a 3/4”(1,91cm) or more siding thickness, install the 4 spacers in their holes in the back of the Electrical Box. (Figure A)

4-Insert the Electrical Box into the rear part of the Universal
Block A-800, screw it at the four corners. Assemble the Electrical Box cover and install the Universal Block lid. (Figure B)


5-At this point, the Electrical Box A-50 installation is done. Finish the installation by installing an electrical device or light fixture (included). Follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions and be sure that all elements have the proper sealant.