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General Tools and Materials:

Before You Start

Acclimate all beams by storing them flat in the installation location (but away from moisture and direct sunlight or other heat sources) for at least 24 hours.

Click Here for Care and Maintenance info.


Step 1



  • Drop Cloth
  • Tack Cloth

Place the beam on a drop cloth. Wipe the beam with a tack cloth to remove any debris.

Step 2



  • Paint Brush
  • Water-Based Paint
  • Clean Cotton Cloth
  • Thoroughly mix paint. Dip brush into paint and remove excess.
  • Wipe brush on a clean cotton cloth or cardboard scrap so that minimal paint remains on the brush (known as dry brush method).
  • Brush the remaining paint onto the beam following the direction of the grain. Do not paint against the grain.
  • Reload brush as needed.

Step 3


Allow stain/paint to dry completely.

Step 4


Evaluate color and repeat if necessary.