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Faux Wood Beam Installation FAQ's

Q: How many beams do I need?
A: The typical spacing on the beams is 4’ to 6’ on centers running the length of the room. You can also cut one beam in half and place each ½ against the end wall. Some designers like to use full beams against the end walls and others use none. So if you take a typical 16’ long room you could use 3-5 on a flat ceiling and 6 – 10 on a cathedral ceiling with no center beam. Our designers would be happy to help you with your project. Email us or call 888-314-2326.

Q: What is high density polyurethane?
A: High Density means the polyurethane foam has expanded within a closed mold and thus the expansion in a confined area creates higher density. The overall density and strength is very similar to that of white pine. Different manufacturers have different densities.

Q: Can you use these products outside?
A: Yes, these products hold up in all weather conditions without the worry of termites or mold, as they are moisture resistant. If you are buying the finished/stained version you must apply a UV protective clear coat; this can be done on-site or for an additional charge by the factory. Please call for pricing or with any questions.

Q: Are faux beams heavy?
A: No, Faux Beams are very light weight. As an example An 8x10x20’ beam weighs about 40 lbs. If this beam were real wood it would weigh about 600lbs and take a forklift or crane to install.

Q: What are standard colors?
A: Our faux beams come with a double primer in paint/stain ready condition, or a walnut stain for the wood grain products. Woodcrafted and Hand Hewn are available in Walnut, Mahogany or Old Oak stains. To learn more about all of our color options, click here.

Q: Are these easy to install?
A: Yes, the products are lightweight and easy to install. See our Installation Guide or Installation Videos.

Q: Do Polyurethane products expand or contract?
A: As with all decorative accents made from both wood and polyurethane, there is a small degree of expansion and contraction. However, our product lines will expand and contract half of what wood does. We recommend that you store your products in a room temperature area prior to installation.