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Other Rooms Ideas Gallery

Ceilings in other rooms of your home can be brought to life with the help of faux wood beams. From office spaces to basements, the accent of faux wood beams enhances the look and design of any space. There are endless ways to find creative uses for beams throughout other rooms.

Faux wood beams and decorative polyurethane products add the look and feel of real wood, both indoor and outdoor, at a fraction of the cost. Please click on a photo gallery below to get design ideas for your next home improvement project.



Bring the other rooms of your project back to life with faux wood beams ideas. Order Samples to explore different beam finishes.

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How Are Faux Wood Beams Manufactured?

Made from high-density polyurethane, faux wood beams are stained and shaped to mimic real wood without the added weight or maintenance requirements. Due to the lighter weight material, they’re easy to install and creates less of a strain on your home’s structure.

Why Choose Faux Wood Beams For Other Rooms

  • Easy To Install
  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • Weather-Resistant/Low-Maintenance
  • Less Structure Strain
  • Decoratively Enhancing
  • Less Contraction/Expansion

Considerations For Beam Ideas & Design

As you dream up ways to incorporate faux wood beams in your home decor, keep the following design factors in mind.


Where you choose to place the ceiling beams will depend greatly on the size of the room. Too many beams may result in your ceiling looking over-crowded. Not enough beams will make it look unfinished.

Generally, the space between the beam should be wider on a smaller ceiling. Larger ceilings will require more beams spaced closer together.


There are various faux wood beam ideas for other rooms based on the area size and ceiling height.

The higher your ceiling, the more wiggle room you have to be creative. High ceilings generally call for more intricate designs to fill the space without making you feel restricted.

Size & Shape

To make the most out of beams ideas for other rooms in your home, focus on shapes and sizes. Thicker beams have a better place in larger spaces, while thinner beams do more justice in smaller rooms.


When getting design ideas for other rooms in your home, the possibilities are endless. You don’t have to stick with a wood finish. Consider painting or staining the beams to match your furnishings, or even coordinate with your ceiling color.

Get Faux Wood Beam Ideas & Installation Tips

Faux wood beams are light and easy to install with a ladder, screws and construction adhesive. Explore our faux wood beam installation videos to see how it’s done.

Interested in sprucing up other rooms with ceiling beams, but not ready to commit to permanent change? Order Samples to explore different faux beam finishes.