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Truss Installation

truss faux beam installation

Truss Installation Instructions

A: Layout beams and chalk lines to the inside of rafter beam.
B: Measure down ridge and screw eye bolts into structural blocking at all points.
C: Place KD nailing strip on chalk line and pre-drill 1/2" holes 24" on center through strip and into drywall. Install drywall anchors into predrilled holes. Apply 1/4" bead of PI adhesive to top of nailing strip and install using GRK R4 screws.
D: Glue and screw 1/2"-3/4" plywood screw plate for web beam install to inside of rafter beam.
E: Measure, cut, and dry fit rafter beam then pull beam down. Apply PL adhesive to sides of nailing strips. Install rafter beam and use GRK 2-1/2" Kameleon finish screws to secure 24" on center.
F: Cut 3"-4" diameter round hole into the bottom of rafter beam for king/queen posts turnbuckle.
G: Install LVL hanger and then LVL.
H: Measure correct length and cut braided cable and install turnbuckle kit to LVL. Glue and screw off 1/2"-3/4" plywood screw plate to inside of king post for connection of web. Stain raw foam on king/queen posts loose side. Install king/queen posts and their 4th side.
I: Measure, cut, and dry fit web beam. Glue and toe screw in place. Patch holes and touch up HDF if necessary.