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Touching Up Panels

General Tools and Materials:

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  • Caulk Gun Caulk Gun
  • Color
Caulk Color Coordinating Textured Caulk
  • Clean Cloth Clean Cloth
  • Touchup Kit Touchup Kit
  • Small
Paint Brush Small Paint Brush
  • Painters
Tape Painters Tape


Step 1

Apply Caulk

Add caulk to the following locations, using a small paint brush to blend the caulk with the adjacent texture as you go.

  • Bead of caulk to seal any mitered joints
  • Bead of caulk to seal where a panel butts against another surface
  • Dab of caulk to fill holes from screw heads
TIP: Apply painter’s tape where a panel meets a wall to ensure a straight caulk line.

Step 2

Apply Base

If your touch-up kit contains a base coat, use a paint brush to apply a light layer of the base coat and allow it to dry completely (about 30 minutes).

Step 3

Apply Tint(s)

Using a paint brush, apply the appropriate tint(s) then dab with a soft cloth to blend. Allow to dry completely (about 30 minutes).

Step 4

Prepare Wash Concentrate

If your kit contains a bottle labeled “wash concentrate,” before using, fill the bottle with tap water to the base of the neck (do not fill all the way), replace cap and shake to mix. Use within 30 days.

Step 5

Apply Wash

If your touch-up kit contains a wash, apply the wash using a paint brush and dab with a soft cloth to blend.

  • If you need to mix colors to achieve the desired shade, we recommend doing so on a piece of scrap material.
  • Paint can be thinned by adding water.
  • Start with lighter colors and darken as necessary. Once added paint cannot be removed.
  • Do not attempt to sand